Nice Start To July

10pm Sunday…

It’s REALLY slow weatherwise so I’ve been having some weather blog writer’s block.  Or possibly just a bit lazy as summer rolls on…

Take a look back at June, which nationwide was much warmer than average, including about half of the Pacific Northwest.


Portland looked like this


We saw 4 days at/above 90…most in that warm period mid-month.  Most interesting to me is that it’s the 4th consecutive warm June.  I’ve ALMOST forgotten about those terrible cold/wet June months when my garden just didn’t want to grow (2010, 2011, 2012).

It was another dry month of course, unless you happened to be right under one of those thundershowers late-month.


We’ve see less than 1.5″ since the middle of April!


Only one other time in Portland history has it been even close to this dry.  That was late spring-early summer 2015.  Of course that turned into a terrible fire season with the Canyon Creek fire around John Day and numerous massive fires up in Washington.  We’ll hope for some cool spells with a few showers at times over the next 8 weeks to keep things under control this year.

The weather pattern is interesting over the next 7 days with upper-level ridging developing over the central USA.  That’s where the extreme heat will be.  This is the 500mb map for Thursday:


We’ll be on the far western periphery of that ridge, which allows weak systems to bring occasional onshore flow at times.  Over the past 5 days I’ve noticed a trend of models trying to push that ridge right over the West Coast and then backing off and keeping it farther east.   We’ll see if that continues.

For now, it looks like we have a great weather pattern in general for this first week of July.  No real heat, thunderstorms, or cool/wet weather.  Enjoy!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


13 Responses to Nice Start To July

  1. Climatechanger says:

    On the weather forums dot come there has been increasing talk of the GFS being absolute garbage as a model but it’s not the model that’s garbage but bad data inputed. The Euro is also a model but whatever makes it right has more data included that the GFS doesn’t see.

    One issue is the earth HAS been slightly tilted from big earthquakes and volcanoes. On The Weather Forums there are currently 37 active mid sized volcanoes going off all over the world. The earth spins like a top and wobbles due to many causes which can be and are currently exaggerated by large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In my dad’s life time the earth has stopped spinning 4 times LESS then a second each time due to the above but also caused the axis to tilt slightly. Like a gyroscope the earth is currently flattening out the tilt back to norm. This affects the jet streams.

    Some of the main stream press is mentioning the earth tilt but blames it on man made climate change. The change in distribution of mass may also contribute but the volcanoes and earthquakes have a historical record of doing the same. They reflect a larger shift in mass deep in the earth which affects the spin. “Scientists have long known that the axis on which the planet spins is prone to wavering, but some of the reasons have escaped understanding”. most important point of the article but it’s kinda hidden.

  2. Meghan Berry says:

    Hey Mark! I really want to go storm chasing here in Oregon so I can sit it on a big thunderstorm. We rarely get any in the Valley and I live in Salem so we sure miss out. Where would my best bet be to travel and what time of year would I have the best luck? Any hope for sometime this summer? Although I hate to have any fires start from lightning, I would love to take a little road trip and track a big storm down. Thank you!

  3. W7ENK says:

    Well, there goes that…

    142 PM PDT TUE JUL 3 2018

    This effectively shuts down everyone’s 4th of July fireworks celebrations. 😦

  4. paulbeugene says:

    Was 38f in Eugene last night at airport. Coldest July morning ever in ? 120 years of observations

  5. 48 °F for an overnight low here, thanks to clear skies overnight.

  6. Climatechangeer says:

    check out 3d map of our weather. used by professional skiers,boaters,hikers.etc and it really improved last winter unlike failed wunderground.

  7. Climatechangeer says:

    down in the mid 40s! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  8. W7ENK says:

    Spectacular weather this year for my annual midsummer ‘Burning of the Christmas Trees’ celebration and BBQ! Had a big turnout, lots of friends and neighbors, good music, and a ton of amazing food — in addition to the 17-1/2lb brisket and 8lb garlic stuffed leg of lamb that I smoked on apple wood for 12 hours. 😀

    Always a good show!! 😎

  9. JERAT416 says:

    This forecast looks great to me. Yes it’s boring but summer often is here. Let’s hope fire weather stays away for a while.

  10. Paul D says:

    No 90’s – yippee!!

  11. JaVale McGee says:

    Thanks Mark.

  12. Kathleen Snyder says:

    Hi Mark. Out here in the Eola Hills, 7 miles East of Amity, we have not had even as much rain as Portland. It sprinkled for less than 5 minutes twice and did not even wet the cement in the last 11 weeks. I am wondering what this dry weather will do to the grape crops and all the orchards, both do not have any irrigation. I love this weather, but we live in farm country and we need rain! Any thoughts?

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