4:15pm: Big Storms Over Cascades, Quiet in Valleys

As forecast, big thunderstorms have popped up over the Cascades this afternoon.   The current radar/lightning image:

KPTV 2017 Default Earth

Several have likely produced damaging hail…that possibly only deer, elk, or bears noticed.  Just about all of them have been over forested areas and not in towns.  Although at this moment I see one may be producing large hail very close to Lost Lake
KPTV 2017 Default Earth

These storms have unusually tall tops for our area, at one point I saw one reach 45,000′ as estimated from the radar.

The lack of cloud cover means today is a scorcher in the metro area.  Check out the 94 at PDX this hour!  By far the hottest day of 2018 so far

Current Temps OrWa Plot 2017

The message remains the same for this evening:

  1. Between now and 2am storms may also develop out into the valleys.  Anyone from the Coast Range east could see a thunderstorm, but they will be scattered and not everyone will see one.
  2. Storms will be slow-moving which means some of us could get a huge soaking, while 5 miles away it remains dry.
  3. A strong push of cool marine air arrives west of the Cascades the next few hours (note it’s 20 degrees cooler in Eugene right now!).  Thursday will be mainly cloudy and in the lower 70s

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

16 Responses to 4:15pm: Big Storms Over Cascades, Quiet in Valleys

  1. Jason Hougak says:

    Took 1/2 day off work to load and haul and stack 8 tons of hay (400) 50 pound bales for you flat land city folk to avoid rain from the thunder thunderstorms. Just finished up and had a few claps of thunder but what a bust. Everything on radar is fizzling out quickly. BUST… BUST… BUST…

    • runrain says:

      Bigger than a bust. Not even close.

    • flurball says:

      last weekend a “chance” of TRZ on Sat with barely a mention for Sunday and they on both days with 40 plus winds on Sunday and today some saying to almost build a shelter and we get squat. TRZ seems to be about as ellusive as predicting wind storms around here correctly. At least the snow forecasts have gotten more accurate

  2. EY (Oak Grove) says:

    I don’t mind if it becomes a bust… Though I DID tell people we had a good shot at seeing some stuff here in the valley.

    I WILL be angry if it doesn’t cool down fast. My house is averaging 83 degrees right now. >.<

  3. Brandon says:

    I’m disappointed 😦

  4. No more busts for me. Adios, PNW. I’m Rapid City, SD bound in less than 48 hours. Pretty much guaranteed to have 40+ thunderstorms a year and lots of snow.

    Thanks for all the great blogs over the years, Mark. You’re the best out here. Keep up the good work. Fingers crossed that all the storm lovers get what they want.

  5. Ken in Wood Village says:

    Maybe this could be like May 5th 2017. We’re we were suppose to have thunderstorms during the day but that didn’t happen but later that night we had some good thunderstorms. It’s just a thought 😒

  6. runrain says:

    Starting to feel like a bust…

  7. Ken in Wood Village says:

    This is right above me

  8. paulbeugene says:

    I think they are getting trigger happy with issuing warnings. Save them for the organized storms that are moving and expected to maintain strength for at least a while. Spotter reports?

  9. Ken in Wood Village says:

    Just got home from going towards Mt. Hood. I took some pix from my place. The storms are starting to form around me.

    This one is looking NE

    This one is looking West

    This is looking South, it’s debris from my place.

  10. W7ENK says:

    Another one.

    432 PM PDT WED JUN 20 2018


  11. W7ENK says:

    Looks so cool from the East end of the Gorge!

  12. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    Valley storm bust inbound? Starting to feel like it.

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