Hottest Day This Year, Then Thunderstorms Roll In

June 17, 2018

7:30pm Sunday

This has been a nice little “welcome back to work” evening for me.  I’m sick (who gets sick in June?) after doing a cruise with my family through the western Caribbean the past 7 days.  We hardly saw any rain, then I think I found more lightning right over Portland once I get back!

First, we had our hottest day of the year so far…hitting 92 at PDX

Mark PDX Record High Hot


Todays Observed Highs OrWa 2017

Then, as models had hinted…thunderstorms developed over the Cascades and moved down into the eastern/central part of the Willamette Valley.  Note the UW WRF-GFS morning run showed the thunderstorms…this is a 24 hour rain total:


The UW-MM5 model showed the same thing but (this really hurts), King ECMWF did not bring showers over us.

But in addition to areas of heavy rain…

Rain Metro Today Databound

A strong surge of wind poured across the metro area as cool air rushed out of the bottom of those storms and spread westward.  Peak gusts were very impressive and the line of wind could be seen on the radar reflectivity as well.

Wind Peak Gusts Text Panel

At this hour almost 10,000 PGE customers are out of power…rare for thunderstorms in our area.  Quite a few broken limbs around the area.   30-40 mph gusts are pretty strong for June!

We remain in a very warm airmass the next 3 days, so high temperatures will still be around 90 (plus or minus a few degrees) through Wednesday.  The thunder action should remain over/east of the Cascades tomorrow.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen