3rd Warmest May So Far…Dry Too

May 15, 2018

6pm Tuesday

Today was sure refreshing wasn’t it?  Clouds to late afternoon sunshine was far more reasonable for May.  Do you realize we’ve only seen two days at/below average the entire first half of the month?

High Temp Last 13 Days

Temps the first half of May have been more like a typical June!

May Warm Start Stats

making this the 3rd warmest (actually tied for 2nd) May through the 15th.




May Warm Start Stats2

Having some spare time yesterday, I checked the other “Top 4” starts to May.  I’m  curious what happened the following summer.  Check out those 4 summers in the slideshow…you’ll see a theme…warm:

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All those years were normal to above average (to hot) the summer following a very warm start to May.  Interesting.

What’s ahead?  Generally warmer than average temps will continue, although a very thick marine layer (up to 5,000′ thick) Wednesday & Thursday means gray/cool both days.  We might even see a shower or drizzle out of that marine layer.

Beyond that models continue to show temperatures generally above average through the 2nd half of the month.  Here’s the latest GFS run showing surface temperature anomaly.  Notice it’s consistently above average


We could sure use some rain, but through at least the early part of next week I don’t see much.  A good soaking would be nice before we get to Memorial Day Weekend.

Regardless, I’m planting my garden very early this year for the reasons above.  At my elevation I run about 8 degrees cooler than Portland and quite a bit wetter so typically it’s safer to wait until the end of May or early June.  Not this year…I’m going for it!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen