Warm Spell Ends Tonight

March 12, 2018

7pm Monday

Now THAT was a nice early spring warm spell wasn’t it?  Check out the high temperatures today; several stations are likely to tie or exceed records for the day (Salem and some coastal stations)

Todays Observed Highs OrWa 2017

Portland didn’t quite make it to 70, most likely due to a little TOO much easterly wind.  Notice the coolest spot in the metro area was Troutdale; well exposed to the gusty east wind all day long.

PDX Observed High Today

I now owe Brian MacMillan an iced coffee tomorrow afternoon…I was going for 70.

Even if today is the warmest day of March (a possibility), it’ll be higher than last year.  In March 2017 we didn’t even get above 61 degrees!

March Warmest Temp

Notice when we get above 70 it is typically in the latter half of the month.

We’re headed back to “reality” the next 5-7 days, which means highs in the 50s and occasional showers.  An upper-level low will linger along the West Coast with most energy headed into California.  In fact rain will be significantly heavier in California than the Pacific Northwest.  The result should be a mix of clouds, sun, and occasional light showers Wednesday through the weekend.  But I don’t see an unusually wet weather pattern.

So far this March I’ve been surprised we haven’t seen a pattern that would bring snow down into relatively low elevations; typical in late February/March in La Nina winters.  The pattern for the next week does not look especially cool either, with a snow level between 2,000′ & 4,000′ most of the time.  There is no sign of snow sticking down around 1,500′ or lower…I’m taking my snow tires off after a trip to the mountains Thursday.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen