Snow Showers Tonight; White Dusting For Some Monday AM

February 25, 2018

8pm Sunday

Earlier in the winter this would have been a BIG deal.  But we just went through a week of seeing snow at times, so now a forecasting of a “possible dusting” in the lowlands and a half inch up at 1,000′ doesn’t seem quite so dramatic does it?

A cold front passed through the area this afternoon and behind that is a very chilly airmass.  In fact by daybreak the sticking snow level should be just about on the valley floor (sea level).  The mixing south wind will be gone by that time too.  But the limiting factor for snow tonight is the showers drying up later tonight just when it’s finally cold enough to stick at the lowest elevations.  Notice it’s too warm for most of us at 8pm.


Because of this I think it’ll be tough to get more than 1/2″ anywhere in the metro area below 1,000′ or so.

Snow Tonight Forecast 1

So ANY OF US IN THE LOWEST ELEVATIONS COULD WAKE UP TO A DUSTING OF SNOW ON THE GROUNDI don’t expect the snow itself to be a significant issue for the morning commute.

As mentioned in the graphic above, a bigger issue may be spots of ice on some roads by sunrise.  We’ll have a few wet areas, partial clearing overhead, and a calm wind by morning.  That combo will likely allow temperatures in some areas to fall to/below freezing.  I think that’s most likely central/west metro area where we get more clearing.

The rest of Monday will be uneventful with partly cloudy skies, a few sprinkles/flurries, and highs well into the 40s.

Next chance for lower elevation snow will likely be late week as cold showers return.  As of now there is no sign of a widespread snow event this week…as the calendar turns to March.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen