Snow Storm #3 Delivers; A Cold Night Ahead

10am Thursday

Around midnight the central/west side of Portland was nailed by very heavy snowfall.  While driving over the Marquam Bridge I couldn’t see anything except the edges…like being out in space.  Pancake-size flakes were instantly smothering everything in white; quite a neat drive and my snowiest since a night in January 2012 (I was inside for last January’s big snow).

The storm sure delivered for most of us and 1-3″ snow forecast was perfect.  The far eastside got less than 1″ and I see some complaining that another spot or two had an inch or less.   Salem didn’t quite get an inch, but Eugene was nailed…lots of 1-4″ totals down there.  And I see Astoria, Tillamook, & Seaside all had 1″.

Almost everyone got SOMETHING which means this storm gave us the best coverage region-wide of all three.  

The official total at the NWS office was 2.1″   

It made for a nice pic from Clifford Paguio this morning:


One thing that has much different with this storm?  Temperatures remained right around freezing through the event.  That means main roads only briefly saw a big dumping of snow, then it either melted or was plowed off.  So I see some schools are in session today.



Forecasting is much easier now.


  •  Clear skies tonight + dry air + cold airmass + snow on the ground = COLD!
  • Lows could easily dip into the teens in some outlying areas with snow on the ground, we may drop below our 23 so far this season at PDX too if mixing east wind stays away.


  1. Skies cloud up tomorrow and precipitation arrives in the late afternoon or evening, temperatures will be above freezing at that time
  2. A strong onshore flow and warming atmosphere means at BEST we’ll have snowflakes mixed in, but then the sticking snow level jumps up to at least 1,500′ in most of NW Oregon through Friday night and into Saturday morning
  4. A COUPLE INCHES ARE POSSIBLE ABOVE 1,000′ TOMORROW EVENING, especially in Columbia and Clark Counties where the cool air may linger a bit longer.

But the big story this weekend is the dumping we’re going to see above 2,000′ in the Cascades.  Yep, that says 2-3 feet of snow by Sunday afternoon on Mt. Hood.  Notice the NE Oregon mountains get nailed too.  Winter is here to stay for a while, although Spring in February was nice too.



Here are some other totals from last night.  Sorry about the formatting but free is a good price for this info from our friends at the NWS Portland.

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Portland OR
910 AM PST Thu Feb 22 2018

…Updated Snowfall Reports…

Location Amount Time/Date Elevation (ft.)

…South Washington Cascades…
June Lake Snotel 1.0 in 1200 AM 02/22 3440
Spencer Meadow Snotel 1.0 in 1100 PM 02/21 3400
Swift Creek Snotel 1.0 in 0700 AM 02/22 4440
Surprise Lakes Snotel 1.0 in 1200 AM 02/22 4290
Lone Pine Snotel 1.0 in 1200 AM 02/22 3930

…Northern Oregon Cascades…
Tombstone Summit 3.0 in 0600 AM 02/22 3520
Bear Grass Snotel 3.0 in 1200 AM 02/22 4720
Clackamas Lake Snotel 1.0 in 0700 AM 02/22 3400
Peavine Ridge Snotel 1.0 in 1200 AM 02/22 3420
Marion Forks Snotel 1.0 in 0600 AM 02/22 2590
Mt. Hood Test Site 1.0 in 1200 AM 02/22 5370
Clackamas Lake Snotel 1.0 in 1100 PM 02/21 3400

…Lower Columbia…
Saint Helens 2.5 in 1209 AM 02/22

…Lower Columbia and I – 5 Corridor in Cowlitz County…
Woodland 2.3 in 1126 PM 02/21
Kalama 2.0 in 1200 AM 02/22
Kelso 2.0 in 1200 AM 02/22

…Greater Vancouver Area…
Battle Ground 3.5 in 1222 AM 02/22
Battle Ground 2.5 in 1144 PM 02/21
1 ESE Felida 2.0 in 1151 PM 02/21
Battle Ground 3.7 in 1230 AM 02/22
Vancouver Cascade Park 2.0 in 0600 AM 02/22 310
Vancouver 2.0 in 0600 AM 02/22 307
LaCenter 4.0 in 0600 AM 02/22
LaCenter 3.5 in 0100 AM 02/22

…Greater Portland Metro Area…
Milwaukie 4.0 in 0600 AM 02/22
1 NE Cedar Hills 3.0 in 1225 AM 02/22
Hillsboro 2.5 in 1142 PM 02/21
3 WNW Rockcreek 2.0 in 1156 PM 02/21
Beaverton 1.0 in 1118 PM 02/21
Council Crest 3.7 in 0100 AM 02/22 1000
Bonny Slope 3.7 in 0300 AM 02/22 500
West Linn 3.0 in 0200 AM 02/22 700
Cedar Mill 3.0 in 1230 AM 02/22
Oak Grove 3.0 in 0600 AM 02/22
Hillsboro 3.0 in 1200 AM 02/22
Banks 3.0 in 1200 AM 02/22
Oregon City 2.5 in 0100 AM 02/22
Oregon City 2.0 in 0530 AM 02/22 448
Happy Valley 2.5 in 0200 AM 02/22
Scappoose 2.4 in 1200 AM 02/22
NWS Office Parkrose 2.1 in 0100 AM 02/22
NW Portland 2.0 in 0600 AM 02/22 700
Gresham 2.0 in 0200 AM 02/22
Canby 2.0 in 0100 AM 02/22
Inner NE Portland 2.0 in 1200 AM 02/22
Portland Downtown (KGW) 1.8 in 0100 AM 02/22
Troutdale 1.5 in 0100 AM 02/22
Sherwood 1.5 in 0700 AM 02/22 200
West Linn 1.5 in 0100 AM 02/22
Wilsonville 1.0 in 0100 AM 02/22

…Coast Range of Northwest Oregon…
Buxton 4.5 in 1127 PM 02/21
Manning 3.0 in 1108 PM 02/21
Buxton 2.0 in 0957 PM 02/21
Saddle Mountain Snotel 2.0 in 1200 AM 02/22 3110

…Central Willamette Valley…
Newberg 3.0 in 0200 AM 02/22 500
Dallas 1.8 in 1109 PM 02/21
South Salem 1.0 in 1100 PM 02/21
Salem 0.8 in 1200 AM 02/22
Molalla 1.0 in 0845 AM 02/22 1000

…South Willamette Valley…
East Springfield 4.0 in 0800 AM 02/22
3N Cottage Grove 3.25 in 0700 AM 02/22
Brownsville 3.0 in 0700 AM 02/22 800
Pleasant Hill 3.0 in 0700 AM 02/22
Eugene 3.0 in 0600 AM 02/22 420
Creswell 2.5 in 0600 AM 02/22
Lacomb 2.0 in 1200 AM 02/22
Lorane 2.0 in 0600 AM 02/22
Eugene Airport 2.0 in 0530 AM 02/22
Springfield 2.0 in 0600 AM 02/22
Springfield 1.0 in 1200 AM 02/22
Albany 0.8 in 0600 AM 02/22 220
Eugene 0.7 in 1200 AM 02/22

…Cascades in Lane County…
Holland Meadows Snotel 5.0 in 0700 AM 02/22 4900
Mckenzie Pass Snotel 4.0 in 1200 AM 02/22 4770
Holland Meadows Snotel 1.0 in 1100 PM 02/21 4900
Roaring River Snotel 1.0 in 0700 AM 02/22 4950

Astoria 1.0 in 1100 PM 02/21
Bay City 1.0 in 1100 PM 02/21
Seaside 1.0 in 1100 PM 02/21
Tillamook 1.0 in 1100 PM 02/21



93 Responses to Snow Storm #3 Delivers; A Cold Night Ahead

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really love you guys a lot you are all awesome I would just like to see you tell us what is going on in our area too we rarely hear about it.I live up here by Cougar the weather up here is different then down there we got 16 inches of snow overnight Fri. Came into LaCenter green and 40 . Thank you

  2. Lee Wilson says:

    So how creative are you at heating your home in a blackout in dead of winter? We have a propane heater we can use as a back up.

  3. If I see flakes today, it should probably now be within an hour, according to radar. But that’s an if. From the looks of things, this seems to be the sort of set-up where I get rainshadowed (or snowshadowed) by the Olympics.

  4. Diana F. says:

    The NWS is confusing me! They’ve issued a Winter Weather Advisory from 4 PM to 4 AM that states “after 6 pm…..1 to 2 inches expected”. Yet their specific forecast calls for “….. snow accumulation of less than one inch possible”.

    Why the advisory?

    Here’s the Weather Advisory criteria:
    “A Winter Weather Advisory is issued for one or more of the following: Snow of 3 to 5 inches in 12 hours, sleet accumulation up to 1/4 inch, freezing rain in combination with sleet and/or snow, or blowing snow”.

    Maybe it’s been a little busy over at the NWS office? My current conditions at 98683/Bennington haven’t changed since the 21st! And today is the 23rd!

    “Humidity 93%
    Wind Speed E 9 MPH
    Barometer 30.17 in
    Dewpoint 32°F (0°C)
    Visibility 3.00 mi
    Wind Chill 27°F (-3°C)
    Last update 21 Feb 11:35 pm PST”

    I’ve cleared my cache, and have tried other browsers, but my poor little Mac just keeps coming back to the non-current “current conditions”.

    I may be missing something–please alert me if I have! Issue a warning! Because I think I’ve been monitoring the weather juuuuuust a little too closely, and for a little bit too long. I believe I may have frozen my brain.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      I think there covering thier buts, it could be that the higher elevations may get more snow and the lower elevations get the dreaded freezing rain..I sure hope not…I know the Pacific Northwest is tricky to predict.

      • W7ENK says:

        How would that work? Higher elevations getting snow, lower elevations getting freezing rain… That usually requires a warm layer above, that would nix the snow in the higher elevations part…

        • Lee Wilson says:

          True, I guess I failed at being funny?

        • Lee Wilson says:

          So far all the main action ha been staying to the north of us.

        • Lee Wilson says:

          I googled my Crazy talk, turns out it can happen if the Thermal dynamics are right. turns out weather can be can rain at 26 degrees al though it would freeze oontact and it can snow at 45….and at that point, I will leave it up to mark to Explain that one. Not even I fully comprehend. the data I am reading at the moment..on .

        • W7ENK says:

          Indeed, weird weather things happen all the time. I’ve seen it rain at 20 degrees (Milwaukie, 2008) and 100% snow at 48 degrees (K Falls, 2004). But to melt snow into rain, there must be a warm layer above that’s at least 1,000 feet thick, and then sub freezing temps at the surface less than about 1,000 feet thick. If the warm layer is less than 1,000 feet thick, the snow won’t melt all the way before hitting the sub-freezing layer at the surface and refreezing. If the sub-freezing surface layer is more than ~1,000 feet thick, the rain will refreeze before it reaches the ground, falling as sleet. That means the warm layer above has to be at minimum 2,000 feet up there (or more) putting most everything but the highest of terrain above freezing and into the rain. Unless of course you’re speaking exclusively to Mt. Hood and the highest peaks in the Cascades, the mechanics of your earlier comment simply don’t make any sense, on a physical level.

  5. I read the AFD… Looks like the NWS is expecting this southerly winds to be SE and offshore rather than SW so with this round of moisture we won’t get much heating keep us into the snow zone.

  6. W7ENK says:

    At the end of the loop, you can see the next round of moisture approaching the Coast…

    • Lee Wilson says:

      I am jsut thankfull that we won’t be getting what Canada got, I think it is the tail end of that system that hit up there, and did they ever get blasted with – 20 clecius…All I can say is we got truly lucky with out having power outages this time around, I think we also got lucky that we didn’t get any of those winds that Canada got. I still have an intellicast ap working on an older phone. I am not sure how much longer it will be in opperation but, Ill use untill it is broken ..I like the map and I like the abillity to see it all…I imagine sooner or later, the maker will brake it…

      • Lee Wilson says:

        This my favorite app.

        Considering its partially broken , all important data remains intact.

        I still see an inflow from the north, but i see moisture heading this way and were stuck at 32.According to my thermometer .
        I alo see sno changing to rain.Further north._i for see. Fun driving lol.

      • W7ENK says:

        Oh, I must have had some sort of a power bump the other night.
        My Amish electric fireplace (I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me, either) had turned off, and sleeping with my window open it was probably 45 degrees in my room when I woke up, a was freezing my @$$ off!

        • Lee Wilson says:

          LOL, I had one of those heaters..after a year, it devleoped issues, it would power its self on, then power…no it wasn’t the thermostat, it actaooly was powering its self on and off..I knew I had turned the thing off when I left, but when I got home it was on high and well..the place was rather warm…then it totally ignored the thermastat, and then I tried to power it off…it would not power off, I had to unplug it…after it cooled I so nicely dissasmbeld it and turned it in to a shelf that has an inverter and a battery in where the heater was is running my fridge..or will be running my fridge once I get 4 more agms.

        • Lee Wilson says:

          after that we went with MR Buddy Propane Heater…Draw back, no thermastat ah well at least were warm…we have it connected to a small tank out side.

        • W7ENK says:

          Aside from my little electric fireplace, the heat in my house is all 2-phase electric. I have no means to heat my house in a power outage, other than lots and lots of candles. It’s a weird Norwegian thing, we call it Koselig. Don’t judge me.

        • GTS1Kft says:

          2 phase???

  7. alohabb says:

    KOIN stayting winter weather advisory tonight with 1-2” locally?

    • Ken in Wood Village says:

      Yea, I saw the NWS website saying about the advisory. This will be interesting…hehe 😉

  8. Nahtalkin says:

    Wow, is this for real, do you all really care about snow depth totals? It snowed this week OK? Life is more complex than all of this smoke and mirrors. I just don’t get it. Time to turn off the computer and go outside until next winter………..have a great summer! Peace to all.

    • GTS1Kft says:

      Great advice, Ted. Although as you so aptly put it: “(You) just don’t get it.” Shows a certain lack of self-awareness, among other things. I suggest you practice what you preach.

      We’d all be so thankful… .

      PS: I think I know about the “smoke” you refer to, but… mirrors??? Maybe your subconscious is subtly suggesting you look in one.

    • pappoose in scappoose says:

      Insult us, and then suggest peace.

      • Diana F. says:

        A positively professional passive aggressive trait.

      • GTS1Kft says:

        Yeah, and this after posting the other day his own snow amounts. Irony is lost on him. I wonder if his wife, assuming he has one, knows he’s doing this? Maybe she should check his meds…

    • W7ENK says:

      Yes, Ted, as someone who enjoys watching and experiencing various weather phenomena, I do care about “local snow depth totals.”

      Glad to see you’re crawling back into your cave, Theo. Might I suggest you do us all a favor? Sell that twidget mowsheen of yours, and don’t bother coming back out next winter. At all.

  9. Well, this is interesting… after it stayed clear virtually the whole night, clouds have started coming in and rapidly thickening. It’s as if this thing coming in perfectly timed to maximize how cold it is at the surface here. Forecast calls for snow, but only a dusting. (Maybe it will bust and I’ll get more like I did Wednesday?)

    24˚F overnight. It’s about as hard for it to get into the teens as it is the nineties at my place, in other words quite hard indeed. It’s a consequence of being surrounded by mild salt water.

  10. 20 degrees with a ‘feels like’ temp of 16. And, since I am @ 700 feet, there is a chance of more accumulating snow tonight?? Yikes!

  11. W7ENK says:

    NWS keeping accumulating snow off the Valley floor tonight.

    GFS has other ideas.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      at this point, Wisky Seven Echo Novemebr Kilo…..Nothing would suprise me… we have a winter weather advisory and winter storm scenrios are popping up around us. So I have no clue as to what is about to occur, I think the Canadians are not done sharing as of yet. All I can say is if it is that syemt that hit Canada yesterday, then I am glad it has weakend, because I think temps in the negatives would drive us to the brink of insanity.

  12. W7ENK says:

    22 degrees when I left the house this morning.


  13. Lee Wilson says:

    What is up with winter STORM watches popping up?
    Were at 21°F and partly cloudy. Has this got to do with what hit Canada ._if so._Thanks for sharing Canada ._lol.Eeerg.

  14. Lee Wilson says:

    WINTER weather alerts popping up…and looks like some snow may be on its way

  15. Jason Hougak says:

    Winter Weather Advisory, it just keeps getting better and better!!!!

  16. ocpaul says:

    22.1 here in Oregon City brrr

  17. boydo3 says:

    I was in a warmer,sunnier climate when this all started but came back to snow coating my vehicle in the PDX airport parking lot. Then snow last night at home.
    I kept saying last month “we’ve had lots of snowstorms in Feb.”..
    But gave up. Forked this winter.
    Just goes to show you never know…

  18. Ken in Wood Village says:

    I thought this was interesting. I don’t believe this will happen tho…lol

  19. Jason Hougak says:

    19F here

    Mark very curious if this was the same setup as January 1950. Also could you include a foothills forecast too? The NWS Portland and Seattle discussions sound really good for snowfall up here.

  20. Jason Hougak says:

    3F at the top of the Magic Mile Chair. The upcoming 16 day GFS run had only one day @ 2C at 5K and all the rest were below 0C. What a great turn around for the snowpack.

  21. Jason Hougak says:

    Already at 20F
    Icicle formation is amazing outside with the outside lighting on. Everyday the snow slowly slides off the metal roof. The constant re accumulation just keeps causing it to pile up along the foundation. Very awesome weather with cold snowy nights and cool crisp days. Wish it was like this all winter.

  22. GTS1Kft says:

    “Cold night ahead” indeed – 23.8 already!

    • JohnD says:

      Still 32.3′ and light flurries here in inner SWPDX @ 210″.
      Surprising. ALSO makes me think that in this odd late season pattern the GOLU model will prove to be most reliable–and that includes tomorrow!

  23. W7ENK says:

    Well, I can honestly say that’s the first time (here) I’ve ever seen it sunny and snowing at the same time. 🤔

    Kinda weird.

  24. Diana F. says:

    Bummer KPTV keeps having major sound issues…

  25. Yes, nice snow shower dropping big, fat flakes on us. #bonus

  26. JohnD says:

    I am wondering if the Portland lowlands have EVER had significant accumulating snow amid a south wind? I honestly can’t recall one way or another. But it seems like that if there have been exceptions, tomorrow “could” be one of those times(?)!

  27. Diana F. says:

    What the heck! It’s been snowing now for 45 minutes straight, in E Vancouver, and it’s been sticking to roofs and grass and railings since the moment it started……we’ve literally got a whole new dusting! And it’s still going!

  28. Anonymous says:

    We and 1.5 to 2 inches in aumsville

  29. ocpaul says:

    34.2 was my high today. Not much melting.

  30. Gina says:

    Snowing in yacht area now 5pm

  31. anonymouse says:

    Snowing again in SE but nothing showing on the radar. What gives?

  32. WEATHERDAN says:

    BUSTED FORECAST!!! Matt, Rod, Mark, Natasha, NWS. All busted. I live in Salem and got no snow. Zip, Zilch, Nothing, Nada. All said we would get 1-3 inches Tuesday night and Wednesday night and we got nothing. But maybe Saturday or Sunday night we will get some. Either way I won’t be depending on the above forecasters. They do fine for Portland but not for Salem. Peace.

    • Matt - Vancouver 98663 says:


    • Kitsap County, WA (where I live) had the other sort of forecast bust… forecast was for an inch or less, much of the county got a widespread 2-3″. But really, weather forecasting isn’t perfect. Though it has gotten much better over the years.

      Here’s hoping you get some with the next event. Sucks to continually be left out while others are getting the goods.

    • Diana F. says:

      Even though I live in Vancouver, I had noticed that Salem was jilted basically, for the last 2 events. I check Traffic Cameras a LOT, from around the whole state, when it snows like this.

      And last night in particular must have been really hard to go through, because forecasters were really, really, REALLY positive Salem was in the loop this time, after getting shafted the night before!

      I really feel for ya! Been there!

    • geo says:

      Ummm.. NWS says Salem got 0.8 and South Salem 1.0 inches last night.

    • Nahtalkin says:

      It is what it is, no more no less……life happens!

  33. Andy says:

    Looks like a surge of cold air Monday and maybe more snow? maybe looking at things wrong? anyone else see this?

  34. Lee Wilson says:

    Took advantage of what sun we got and went totally solar amd right now I am using solar for tellecomunications, and made home-made bread off grid style. plus did a few other things..

    Now I see we are dropping temprature fast, we were at 43 now were at 39.

    I for one will be welcoming the warmer weather. it is time for winter to be done.

    If I were allowed an extra 1 kw in array, I could have heated our home using slar and save MR Buddy.

  35. JERAT416 says:

    Ski season reboot!

  36. GTS1Kft says:

    But, but, but…. What about Barton?????

  37. Wendy - Silverlake, WA says:

    With daytime melting and new snow, we’ve got 10 inches on the ground from the beginning of this snowy week until now.

  38. Diana F. says:

    Only 9 more months for our next shot at snow!

    • ocpaul says:

      How about one surprise snow event?

      • Diana F. says:

        LOL I know, right? Totally snuck up on me–had turned my head to glance out the kitchen window while cooking, and did a huge double take when I saw it snowing again, and sticking!

        Literally, on my balcony I can see Mt. Hood in the distance, perfectly illuminated in a circle of a pale orange sunset, surrounded by dark clouds…CRAZY cool.

  39. Roland Derksen says:

    Half an inch worth here yesterday afternoon and evening. We’re expecting a lot more here (Vancouver BC) tomorrow. Looks like the snow will hang around through the weekend, with some melting.

  40. oldwxwatcher says:

    3.5″ in east Portland. 4.0″ the previous night.

  41. W7ENK says:

    4.0″ in Milwaukie, measured.

    • W7ENK says:

      Oops, I see that’s already on there…

      Weird, I hadn’t made my official report to the NWS yet. Maybe someone else in the neighborhood?

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