Round 3: Snow In Valley Tonight

10:30am Wednesday

That was a fun drive home last night.  Freeways were mainly wet/slushy until I made it around the “Gateway Turn”.  I-84 suddenly turned icy in the usual spot past the I-205 split.  Colder/drier air from the Gorge had already frozen the freeway out there.  Then the last mile to my home wasn’t plowed.  5″ new on the road…I’m glad I didn’t take the snow tires off when it was 60 degrees!


Just a quick post to let you know what’s up for tonight and tomorrow AM.

All models show another “BC Slider” (or is it “Yukon Slider”?) coming down along the Oregon Coast tonight.  Timing is perfect if you want more snow, the bulk of the precipitation falls in the middle of the night.  Check out the trusty ECMWF model, showing 1-3″ in most of the Willamette Valley and metro area tonight.


Several other models show heavier totals around Salem, I’ll look at it in more detail this afternoon, but here’s the main message:


This appears to be the last snow event for now since Friday night’s wetter system has a strong southerly, warming, onshore wind arriving at the same time as the precipitation.

I’m headed outside to enjoy the sun, and play with the snowblower I thought I wouldn’t use this winter…8″ snow on the ground here.

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Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


52 Responses to Round 3: Snow In Valley Tonight

  1. Lee Wilson says:

    THAT WIND IS COLD! Were at 32 but when that wind starts blowing it feels like the Arctic for real lol.

  2. Lee Wilson says:

    Looks like some of these systems are carrying some wind with them.not strong ng winds but..some..breezes or two.

    Also seen some indicators of some winds out in the Pacific.

    Could we possibly get a small Blizzard like conditions?
    Now that would top off the whole arctiblast storm thing as a grand finally.
    On the flip side, I wouldn’t want to be Homeless or stuck in a car in that kind of a situation. That would be bad.

  3. Paul D says:

    February snow is shy this year. It’s dark now, you can begin snowing 🙂

  4. Lee Wilson says:

    Just for the heck of it..
    I don’t know the quality of your monitors…but it is snowing small flakes

    Might be getting to dark.

  5. Longview 400 ft says:

    Currently 32.2
    Snowed little flakes for about an hour then stopped, now snowing lightly again.
    Radar says it is short lived though.

  6. Nada happening in downtown Seattle presently. Heading home on the ferry and I can’t see the island on the other side. Radar shows echoes on the other side of the Salish Sea. Hmmm… Might there be something special waiting for me?

  7. Lee Wilson says:

    Well were at 34 now and light snow shower..flakes are to small to be views on camera ..well the camera is seeing it, but my monitor isn’t lol if I put on my head gear for the vr, I can see it snowing.

  8. Ken in Wood Village says:

    It’s very lightly snowing here 🤗🤗🤗

  9. Boring Rain says:

    Just counted 3 snowflakes.

  10. Lee Wilson says:

    We’re under a winter storm watch, but by looking at the blue blob..looks like very little will come of it..unless something comes up behind it. The last blue blob spat small flakes.

  11. Jake in Gresham says:

    I believe it’s safe to say frozen precipitation is arriving to PDX early. Looks like about 6:30pm gauging from the radar.

    Folks, drive safe and leave early if you can. What the heck. This Winter has gone from stale to full on party mode.

  12. alohabb says:

    Likelihood we see more than 1-3”?

    • Jake in Gresham says:

      Looks like the latest NAM (00z) is taking the bulk of the moisture to the mid Willamette valley. Flips coin with two heads for PDX

  13. Lee Wilson says:

    We hit 43 then dropped to 37°F .
    We hav a blue blob but nothing so far.
    There is a second blue blob behind it.

    Our son wanrs to be back in school lol.
    He keeps fixing a little girls toys._. Me thinks she is breaking them on purpose lol.

    Ah well magical world of being 6 or nearly 7._

    Dang is our harbOr freight generator going on 6 years allready ?
    Planning for a propane generator ._ as it stores easier..

  14. Longview 400 ft says:

    Currently 34.3
    Starting to snow again!!!!

    • Lee Wilson says:

      Your right Accept were at 37 lol..and snowing.ever so lightly though…just for the fun of it, I tuend on our Christmas lights …maybe I should get the “Let it snow” globe enflatable out lol.

  15. Wendy - Silverlake, WA says:

    Big blog of something on the radar over the top of me, but nothing coming out of the sky. Whatever it is it lowered the temperature from 36 to 32.

  16. alohabb says:

    Radar showing snow just N of Longview?

  17. W7ENK says:

    A little compilation I threw together of some photos I snapped this morning along my (slow) walk from the train to my office.

  18. Andy says:

    Once again Albany is out of the winter weather advisory…probably have a south wind like last night. 0 snow here. Maybe temps will fall this time giving the south valley better chance.

  19. Jake in Gresham says:

    Winter Weather Advisory
    Issued: 12:18 PM Feb. 21, 2018 – National Weather Service


    WHAT…Snow expected. Widespread accumulations of 1 to 2 inches
    are likely, with localized amounts up to 4 inches for
    elevations above 500 feet.
    WHERE…Areas include all of the southwest Washington and
    northwest Oregon interior lowlands, with the exception of the
    central Columbia River Gorge and Upper Hood River Valley.
    WHEN…From 10 PM this evening to 6 AM PST Thursday morning.
    Light snow may develop earlier in the evening, but little to no
    accumulation is expected until the overnight hours.
    ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Plan on difficult travel conditions. Expect
    reductions in visibility at times. Although snow is expected to
    mainly be over before the morning commute, travel may be
    impacted significantly.


    A Winter Weather Advisory for snow means periods of snow will
    cause primarily travel difficulties. Expect snow covered roads
    and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving. The
    latest road conditions for the state you are calling from can be
    obtained by calling 5 1 1.


  20. anonymouse says:

    Bring on the BC Slide Baby!

  21. ocpaul says:

    Glad I ignored my neighbor a month ago when he suggested I change out my snow tires
    Rod Hill seems to think there is a chance of snow next Tuesday.

    This has certainly been a fun late winter event! Years from now, we’ll be talking about ‘That great, late February snow in 2018’
    What a ride!

  22. lurkyloo says:

    So is this going to be that funky scenario where all the stuff that’s melting right now doesn’t melt all the way, then it re-freezes (layer of ice), and more snow on top? If so, yuck.

    • Jake in Gresham says:

      I honestly think tonight will sneak up more so on people. Last night was the first “big” event. Nobody thought the next evening another system would cause something! Still scratching my head here. Up to 4 inches on the NAM for Portland? Is this almost March or the middle of Winter?

  23. W7ENK says:

    Don’t look now, but there’s a massive ring around the Sun!

    That’s a harbinger of something, I’m sure…

  24. Jeff Vifquain says:

    climate prediction center had this flip in the weather pattern well in advance, also what about the polar vortex splitting into 2 pieces 1 going over western canada….major influence for the rest of winter perhaps.

    • anonymouse says:

      This. Interestingly enough, I haven’t heard any of the local mets mention this odd phenomenon. Most likely the reason we had a significant snowstorm so rare, the last one happened a quarter century ago.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      Yeah, I was reading about that split,which is an interesting event, and not just for winter but could effect spring if it holds together for that long..

      We had a white Christmas to.and I am.thankfully for those memories.

      I like the snow because it slows things down.
      I don’t like going.out in it though.

      But for the fun of it, I turned on our Christmas Lights in celebration of the unusual and the interesting.

      Life is a gift, we should cherish all of the things , even those we have no control over.

      A time may come when the snow may no longer fall.

  25. Garron 1/3 of a mile from the Hillsboro airport says:

    Looks like vou will have your hands full WELL into next week too! I’ve got a question , that I feel like I should know this one, but, when it comes to actual measurable snowfall, what does this actually mean? Amount of time snow falls, final measurement as snowfall comes to an end, amount of snowfall in the gauge?

    I feel like the 2.5″ was pretty generous for the greater Hillsboro area. I would say that we were WAY closer to 1″

  26. Jason Hougak says:

    Cool picture Eric of Portland on Marks last post. How did you get my picture to post? When I’ve posted before on tiny pic I’d just copy image and paste. It would put down the website but after it was posted would change to the picture. Thanks

  27. Vancouver cashed in last night. I measured 4″ at my place. More tonight? Keep it coming.

  28. marinersfan85 says:

    I’m gonna go with the NAM for tonight since it paints me in a 4-7″ range.

    Woke up this morning to 1/8th inch of frozen slush. 2 miles north into Sherwood was where the snow was decent.

  29. John Fairplay says:

    Beautiful pictures. Got my fingers crossed for tonight!

  30. Tanis Leach says:

    Hoping for a good turnout I Sherwood but not to much so I can still run in it.

    Oh wait… I run no matter what so skrew it just give us skiiable snow down here.

  31. W7ENK says:

    Hellz YEAH, keep it comin’!!!

  32. anuheaikauatuahine says:

    Wowzie! More snow! Thank you again for cancelling your vacation in order to keep us updated. My bird feeders are filled, the hummingbirds are zooming in and out, and it’s a beautiful day in Damascus.

    • Longview 400 ft says:

      The wife did the same thing the last two mornings. We have had to keep knocking the snow off the their little feeders so they could drink.
      Low this morning 21.4
      More snow on the way, hey, this might be the last, so let it snow all it wants.

  33. I’m glad I never put snow tires on, because I’m sure I would have taken them off weeks ago myself. Thanks for the update!

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