Snow Returns; First Time in 7 Weeks

February 14, 2018

9:30am Wednesday

Well that was interesting.  I forecast snow based on computer modeling alone yesterday afternoon/evening.

Lets imagine we didn’t have any numerical simulations of the atmosphere (THE MODELS).  Looking at observations last night in our area, I would not have forecast snow.  It wasn’t cold enough.  For example at midnight I’m driving through Portland on the way home and temps were in the low 40s!  No cold Gorge wind blowing and cloudy skies so no nighttime cooling.  Dewpoints weren’t that low so evaporational cooling shouldn’t have been able to produce overnight snow at the lowest elevations. But models kept insisting the column of air overhead would cool…2-3 hours later IT DID! #ComputersTakingOver


I had 2″ at 1,000′ east of Corbett. I know it was a trace accumulation or just in the air for the lowest elevations, but we expected that. If you got more than 1/2″ let me know in the comments below…we use the info for a snow map on-air.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen