Do You Think It Will Snow In Portland Again This Winter?

January 30, 2018

Here we are, hours away from the last day of January.  Today we hit 51 in Portland, our 18th day at/above 50 degrees this month.  That’s the most 50 degree days we’ve seen in January since 1994.

Mark January Warm Days

What a change from last January!

January Compare 2 Box Warm Winter

January 2018 is the 2nd warmest on record in Portland; records go back to around 1940.

Winter Snow_Ice Compare

In the 125+ year record at Salem, it’s the 3rd warmest January.  2010 and 1953 were warmer.

Now of course you remember we’ve had one snow event so far…3-6 hours of snow leading to the big (but timely!) 1″ total on Christmas Eve, then freezing rain later that night and again briefly on the 27th.  The areas in light blue on the map below saw 1″ or more, dark blue = 2″ or higher totals.  Note that west, south, and SE metro areas saw less than 1″.  Most of the Willamette Valley has seen no snow this winter.

Snow Totals Metro 2017 For Web

So what’s ahead?  Well as mentioned in the previous post there is no sign of low elevation snow in the next 10 days, which takes us into the 2nd week of February.

What about February snow IN THE CITY OF PORTLAND?  Take a look at the last 9 years:

Mark Snow PDX February

We have seen measurable snow in 3 of the last 9 years.  Although in 2012 most of us saw some snow late in the month so 4 out of 9 is probably more realistic.


Are we finished with snow at the lowest elevations?  I’m talking right in the lowest elevations, not in the hills or foothills of the Cascades.  Vote here:


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen