Happy Thanksgiving! Good Travel Weather in PACNW

9pm Wednesday

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and all is well on the weather front.  It’s been a record warm day all across the region.  Here at Portland we’ve only hit 56 degrees as of 9pm with a persistent “cool” easterly breeze out of the Gorge.  But we have until midnight and warm southerly wind is quite close.  So it’s quite possible we still break the 59 degree record before the day is finished.

The very warm and moist sub-tropical airmass gave us some river fog in some places.   That humid air gets cooled by the chilly 50 degree water.  When that happens the air can’t hold any more moisture so the water vapor condenses into those little fog droplets…fog hangs low over the river.  Makes for a nice pic!  Thanks to Tim Mulshine for this one.


Records have been tied or broken at Hillsboro, Astoria, McMinnville, Roseburg & Medford.  That’s just in Oregon.  Seattle made it to 68, blowing away the old record by 10 degrees!

Record Highs Cities

Tonight will be one of the warmest November nights you have ever felt in our area, crack open the windows and bring in some fresh air while you sleep!  With an approaching cold front I expect southerly wind to pick up in most areas except IN the Gorge.  That keeps most of us right around 60 degrees right through around noon on Thanksgiving Day.  Cooler air pouring in behind the cold front means dropping temperatures after noon-1pm tomorrow.

Other than lots of showers, mainly the first half of the day, it appears there won’t be any significant weather on Thanksgiving Day.  Same thing for Friday and Saturday.  Friday looks mainly dry, then a warm front with the usual solid gray sky and light rain comes in Saturday.

I have the next two days off (along with Saturday), then coming in on Sunday I’ll take a look at the big picture; by that time the 7 Day forecast will include December already…time is flying!

Mark Thanksgiving Day Fcst



21 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving! Good Travel Weather in PACNW

  1. Nahtalkin says:

    Not weather related but many more Christmas trees on vehicles going by my farm, It just seems each year more and more folks start earlier and earlier every year. Kind of gives me the creeps if you know what I mean, Giant diesel pick-up trucks with one tree in the box, kind of a make believe world they are living in, with bigger and better experiences just around the corner. Someday it will all come crashing down the chimney.

    • GTS1K' says:

      Not weather related indeed, but suspiciously similar to the sanctimonious, negative drivel we used to hear from “Farmer Ted”.

      That you, Robert?

      Merry Christmas…

  2. Nahtalkin says:

    Wow, heavy rain this morning and now the sky is clear and blue with copious amounts of sunshine!

  3. Jason Hougak says:

    Bachelor is the only resort running today with limited lifts and terrain aside from Bruno the beginner lift at Timberline.

  4. Back from my Thanksgiving trip to Portland. Currently 50°F and overcast. Freezing level has gone up significantly since this morning (from 5,000 feet to 8,600 feet). So looks like more mountain rain at least to start with the next system.

  5. Roland Derksen says:

    Alto- stratus cloud ceiling here, so at least it won’t be raining for a while yet. We have over 8 inches of rain for the month, and with a few days left, we’ll maybe get about an inch more.

  6. WEATHERDAN says:

    What a great Thanksgiving it was. The snow will come probably in December and a white Christmas would be nice. But I sure enjoyed the 62 yesterday. Peace.

  7. lurkyloo says:

    This weather reminds me somewhat of cooking Thanksgiving dinner when I lived in Hawaii. Ugh! Have to keep the doors open. Hopefully we’ll get back to normal temps soon.

    Hope you’re all having a wonderful day — Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Anonymous says:

      I spent a thanksgiving in bout 1998 in Japan’s in Okinawa. My sister was stationed there, I was 15, and had bartenders calling me by name. Held my sis up for a keg stand around noon. Parents were shocked when I held up my sisters beer bong around1pm. That was one of the greatest parties. We floated 2 full soze kegs in about 8 hours

  8. Roland Derksen says:

    Bright blue skies here this afternoon. We had some major clearing coming from the west this morning, and it’s finally reached us. Don’t know how long it will last, but it’s good to see for a change.

  9. Jason Hougak says:

    It looks doubtful Meadows will reopen tomorrow. The Pineapple Express took the start of an epic season quickly away. Models aren’t showing any good sign of building mountain snowpack in a hurry either. Bummer for those of us wanting to hit the slopes but at least I skied hard last Saturday as I saw the writing on the wall of the rainy mild week to come. Happy Thanksgiving weather bloggers.

    • Nahtalkin says:

      I guess a little premature to call it an epic season huh? Hang in there we most always get plenty of ski area snow for you bums!

  10. Boring Rain says:

    Here maybe this name will work.

  11. Nahtalkin says:

    Happy Thanksgiving bloggers, time to play “Alice’s Restaurant”, always a Thanksgiving Traditions around here.

  12. Currently 54°F after a high of 64 yesterday. Most recent aircraft sounding indicates a freezing level of 7400 feet, down considerably from yesterday but still high.

  13. Joshua Downtown PDX says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! The weather sure does look boring for the foreseeable future. Maybe some seasonably cool temps late next week. Dry overall. It was 60 degrees when I woke up this morning. That would be a relatively warm August morning. Heading to San Diego where it might hit 90 today.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Don’t see a lot of excitement in the weather dept for a while………

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