Quick Storm Wrap

9:30pm Sunday

Now THAT was a soaker!  If models keep doing this well I’ll be out of a job in the next 5-10 years.  We ended up with around 2-3″ in just about all of the lowland elevations in the metro area from when the rain started Friday night to this morning when the rain stopped in most areas.

and those 8-10″ rainfall did end up panning out over the wettest parts of the Coast Range and Cascades

The usual extremely wet gauges didn’t disappoint.  Lees Camp along Highway 6 in the Coast Range along with North Fork SNOTEL south of Dodson saw over 10″.

Wind was a bit lighter than expected for much of the coastline…only a couple spots even made it over 60 mph at the lower elevations.  That was Gleneden Beach and Lincoln City

Here in the metro area almost all gusts remained at/below 40 mph (as expected), PDX officially hit 37 mph.  Not a windstorm by any means yet a loud reminder that stormy season is almost here.  Even those relatively weak gusts caused lots of trouble for power companies.   It appears there were LOTS of small outages and some of you are still out of juice after almost 24 hours.  That’s due to all the leaves still on trees which makes for plenty of wind resistance compared to the bare limbs of winter.

With the weekend rain, we’re now above normal for rainfall in Portland this month…that was easy to do.  3″ is the average and we’re well above 4″.  That makes 2017 our 4th consecutive wet October.  But that should be just about it as we go into another relatively long dry period.  I see very little rain from now to Halloween.

13 Responses to Quick Storm Wrap

  1. Roland Derksen says:

    Wonderfully sunny day here, but showers are coming tonight/tomorrow morning.

  2. Nahtalkin says:

    Whatever, I don’t need a weatherman if you could just loose the silly animated graphics, they just drive me nuts. Really I do tune in for Mark’s in depth coverage, and B Mac has evolved and grown into a fine weather forecaster, hope he doesn’t move on to greener pastures.

  3. Lee Wilson says:

    I think i need a new weather unit..Mine is saying 12.46 inches lol…And I know we got more than that…Because I ran 5 loads of laundery off the amount of water that fell.

  4. Boring 550' says:

    I posted this here on October 10th:
    “Looks like by the end of the month temperatures go well above normal. Maybe eek out another 70?”
    It’s gonna be close!

  5. Aaron Morris says:

    When you say you’ll be out of a job.. reminds me of this:

  6. W7ENK says:

    2.52″ storm total, basically in 24 hours from 6am Saturday to 6am Sunday.

    Peak wind gust (measured) was 28.8 mph, though my sensor is somewhat wind-sheltered by a stand of tall Douglas Firs to my South.

  7. OahuGirl says:

    We had a huge branch come down, damage a gutter, and pull all our cable lines down. The wind was really fierce here in Damascus (facing west).

    And yeah, let’s keep the PNW weather…I love it.

  8. I really wish we could have some of Southern California’s 20-25 degree warm departures, in our climate at this time of year. That would get us to the low 80s as late as Halloween.

    That inversion problem, though….

    • And in order to get that would involve our beautiful northwest scenery changing into a drab dry southern CA landscape. There is a reason everything looks green and lush (rain and cool weather). Can’t get that in the southern CA. Just buy an extra thick Snuggie on eBay and you can feel that warm CA heat all winter long!

    • Paul D says:

      Bite your tongue! The 65-70 degree temperatures coming up this week are just right!

    • Mike says:

      Once you get used to the PNW you will never want to go back. When I visit down south I long to get back home into some kind of weather action that brings fresh air and cool temps.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      65-70? eerg ifthat is sun, that is true then free power !

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