A Busy Weather Day: Thunderstorms & A Waterspout

September 18, 2017


As expected, thunderstorms and hail showers are moving across the western part of Oregon & SW Washington too.  That’s due to a chilly airmass overhead but we still have relatively warm temperatures down here where we all live.  That means lots of rising motion in the atmosphere = thunderstorms.

Note the 1st fall snow up in the Cascades…Timberline Lodge this morning:


One thunderstorm produced a waterspout just offshore of Happy Camp (between Netarts Bay & Oceanside).  IF that would have moved onshore, it would be a tornado.  Remember Manzanita last October?


Of course many of you are seeing thunder and hail right now as a cluster of action moves over the Portland Metro area.  This will continue through the afternoon, of course interspersed with sunbreaks too.  Classic spring, or fall, weather.  Enjoy the change and by the way, enjoy the fresh air!  Particulates in our air this morning were so few and far between they could barely be measure…all of 8 on the AQI:


Stay safe this afternoon while driving through downpours, we’re out of practice with our rainy driving skills…


That’s the 12:40pm radar image here in the metro area, looks like Sherwood and Newberg getting the action, but the cells will continue moving to the east/northeast.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen