Thunderstorms In Valley Tonight

August 10, 2017

11:45pm Thursday

Our 12 day hot spell is ending this evening with a few flashes & bangs.  Thunderstorms over the Cascades are slipping westward into the Valley so you MIGHT see a flash the next few hours or wake up to thunder.  Of course as always it’s spotty and some spots will see it; some won’t

Here’s the latest chart showing cloud to ground strikes


So far nothing in the Portland metro area but that COULD change the next few hours…we’ll see.  It would be nice to see nighttime lightning at least once this summer!

Today was our 12th day with a high of 88+ in Portland and 13th at/above 90 in Salem.  But a thicker marine layer means many of us west of the Cascades will wake up to low clouds Friday AM.  This will keep highs below 90.

Fire smoke should start to dissipate tomorrow and be mainly gone Saturday as the airflow turns westerly at the surface and higher up as well.  It’s likely we’ll have our first measurable rain in almost 2 months Sunday as well.  Not a soaking, but at least enough to measure and turn streets wet at some point.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen