Forecast On Track; Warmest Night of Summer Ahead

3:30pm Tuesday

It’s a scorcher this afternoon, well into the 90s in the metro area at 3pm:

2017 Current Temps PDX Metro Area Earth Scene

At least the relative humidity is low, so it’s our usual “dry heat”.

We are on track to top out around 98-99 officially in Portland, and several spots in the metro area will likely make it to the century mark (Hillsboro, McMinnville, Aurora).

I expect a warmer night with temperatures remaining in the 80s, then 70s all the way through about 3am.  Eventually we’ll all get down into the 60s so that’s good news

2017 Forecast Tonight Metro

The warmest night so far this summer was 63 during the first heatwave in late June.  By Thursday & Friday mornings we’ll struggle to get below 70 in the urban areas…too warm!

It’s hard to believe, but we expect 6-8 degrees WARMING tomorrow.  Of course that gets us up close to or tying the all-time high of 107 degrees here in Portland.  It’ll be all about the big numbers the next two days as skies stay sunny.

One change tomorrow is the wind…it’ll be lighter and won’t help cool us off as much.  This might help…it’s a cool afternoon at Newport and you’d probably need a jacket out there!  Only 64 with a gusty north wind.

Live Cam Beaches

Tomorrow is the ONE day with hot temperatures on the north coast and the one day that will hit 80 along the central coastline.  A wind reversal (cool southwest wind) arrives early Thursday and that’s nature’s air conditioning.

Stay cool!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

6 Responses to Forecast On Track; Warmest Night of Summer Ahead

  1. West Linn 500' says:

    Wildfire smoke from Canada is coming in Wednesday

  2. Marc (Brush Prairie, WA) says:

    Surprisingly, it wasn’t so bad outside this evening. I spent about 2 hours outside doing yard work and it felt like any other summer night. Must be the dry air that makes it pleasant outside.

  3. Wendy - Silverlake, WA says:

    It’s so smoky. It’s burning my eyes!!

  4. Jason Hougak says:

    Comfortable 82F at my house. Last night got down to 51F so the house cooled off. No AC and only 73F inside.
    Worst possible timing for the Whitewater Fire, really strange how fast it started. I understand lightning can cause a fire to smolder for some time but this went up fast, almost as if intentional. With the solar eclipse happening the smoke will definitely give central Oregon a doomsday atmosphere.

  5. Paul D says:

    The 10 day forecast is depressing. When will it end???

  6. Roland Derksen says:

    Well, I suppose I have to be first once in a while. Anyway, it’s warm, dusty and smoky here. Canada is indeed sending smoke your way, folks. I hate to admit it! 🙂

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