Historic Heat Wave Begins Monday

7pm Sunday

The first few days of August will feature the hottest temperatures we’ve seen in at least 8 years west of the Cascades.  Just two years ago we had our longest heat wave on record here in Portland, but we didn’t hit 100 degrees.  This time the heat sure won’t last as long but it’s going to be hotter.

I’ve been forecasting in Portland for 26 years (and lived here most of 48), so I’ve seen lots of heat waves.  The forecast numbers from the models for this coming week, specifically Wednesday and Thursday, are right up with or even higher than anything I’ve seen!


PLEASE check in on your older friends the next few days, the heat is especially hard on elderly folks if they don’t have air-conditioning.

I expect 6 days of 90+ weather beginning Monday.  We’ve done that 12 times in Portland weather history.  It’s unusual, but not an extreme event.

We’ll get at least two, possibly up to 4, 100+ days.  I see Tuesday-Friday (4 days) having the possibility of reaching 100 degrees in the western valleys of Oregon and extreme SW Washington (including the metro area).  I’m VERY confident we’ll go way over 100 both Wednesday and Thursday, with Friday being the best bet for a 3rd 100 degree day.  Tuesday we might be a degree or two shy of triple digits.  It’s quite rare to get more than 3 days at/above 100 as you can see from the stats, we haven’t done that since 1981.


Overnight lows will be “reasonable” for this kind of heat.  We’re lucky that relative humidity will be near normal through the week and we won’t see any cloud cover.  That allows temperatures to cool down into the 60s for most of us.  During the 2015 heat wave humid weather and occasional cloud cover kept us very warm.

The all-time record of 107 degrees in Portland could be threatened either Wednesday, or more likely Thursday.  All through my career I’ve watched other cities reach new all-time highs (Seattle, Reno, Olympia) and wondered when PDX would finally hit 108.  It’s not like any of us WANT it to hit 108, but it’s a numbers game I suppose.  I have forecast 105 & 107 for Wednesday/Thursday here in Portland.  But to hit 107/108 everything would have to just right (or just wrong…right?).  During the 2009 heat wave we thought it might happen but there was a little too much easterly wind and that may have stolen a degree or two.

The Oregon Coast will have some hot weather too, but not as extreme.  Right now I’m thinking 80s Tuesday & Thursday, with a few lower 90s possible Wednesday only.


Why so hot?  A strong ridge of high pressure (a hot blob of air) develops right ON the West Coast this week.  You may recall earlier in the summer that hot ridge was to our east, over Utah.  Now it’ll be right over the top of us.  For the geeks, it appears to be a 594-595 decameter high center.  That strength of a ridge isn’t unusual at all centered farther to the east, but it’s almost right on top of us for this week.

This is the 3rd day models are showing 850mb temps (the temperature in celsius around 5,000′) in the +27 to +28 range Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  They also did that during the July 2006 heat wave and we remained below 105 degrees.  When we get this extreme, forecasting an exact high is…a bit inexact sometimes.  Anything over +26 is quite rare.  In fact we’ve only hit +27 (over Salem on the balloon sounding) a few times in the past.  The all-time record is +28.3 on September 2nd, 1988.  We hit 105 that day, which was just amazing for early September!  We now have the possibility of seeing that during the hottest part of the summer with a higher sun angle.  If that +28 actually shows up, it’ll be unprecedented for early August, thus my forecast of 107 Thursday.  Note the excellent agreement among the ECMWF model and its ensembles through Thursday:


Also note the temperatures stay above average after our heat wave ends next weekend. It’s a bit of an understatement to say that at least the first 10 days of August will be warm!

As for records, just by chance the first 3 days of August have never been above 100 at the airport weather station.  That means it’ll be easy to beat those records:

Mark Hot 3 Day PDX Forecast

The National Weather Service is forecasting a high (114) warmer than anything in the past 25 years down in the Rogue Valley.  Wednesday (circled numbers are records for either day or all-time) forecast highs:


With more records to come around the region on Thursday:


I’ll keep you updated this week on the blog, but remember you can follow me on Facebook and follow on Twitter for more frequent updates.  You see those feeds on the right side >>>> over there >>>

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen





38 Responses to Historic Heat Wave Begins Monday

  1. JERAT416 says:

    Die death ridge die!

    • Paul D says:

      Do we need to grab some bongo drums and do a death ridge dance to get rid of this insanity?

    • W7ENK says:

      No. Whatever you do, DO NOT do that! That would summon MORE hot weather, which is exactly opposite from what you want to accomplish, so…

  2. weather groups blazing hot air encompasses all
    winter in reverse

  3. …I’m feeling pretty happy my hottest day is forecast to be 101….and mighty glad i’m not around portland for this one…

  4. 12z ECMWF 90+ for at least 10 consecutive days. The cool shot plunging south out of Canada is quite persistent and centered further west which holds the heat/upper level high right over us for much longer. That’s the difference I see.

  5. JJ78259 says:

    Weather Dan Weather on Steriods! We have had 11 days in a row of over 100 degrees and it breaks tomorrow. Then I pick up 100 + in Portland. I have a view over High Rocks at the hotel so with these temps the river should be hopping! I remember the 107 in Milwaukie without air and no pool! Sure is nice to have them now! Summer is fun!!!

  6. A slight reduction in 850s on 12z runs today. Perhaps knocking back the extreme heat potential a tad, but prolonging the heat wave. 12z GFS 90+ for 9 days.

  7. Roland Derksen says:

    I don’t expect to see a100 reading here, and I don’t want it either. Might get up to 95, though. I’m surprised with Mark’s historic list he didn’t include summer 2009- unless i misread it. I saw my highest temperature here on July 29, 2009. (97.8F).

  8. Tyler Mode in Battle Ground says:

    Could the smoke from the BC fires act to limit highs (1-2 degrees) and warm up lows?


  9. 6z GFS definitely trended towards the EURO prolonging the longevity of the heat wave until next Tuesday. Incredibly historic

    Today 7/31 – [ 91 ]
    Tuesday 8/1 – [ 98 ] (could possibly be 100)
    Wednesday 8/2 – [ 107 ]
    Thursday 8/3 – [ 109 ]
    Friday 8/4 – [ 101 ]
    Saturday 8/5 – [ 102 ]
    Sunday 8/6 – [ 99 ] (possibly 100)
    Monday 8/7 – [ 97 ]
    Tuesday 8/8 – [ 90 ]

    • W7ENK says:


      Okay, so I know in the past I’ve said that I would never complain about the heat… but 109?

      In Portland??

      F’n REALLY?!?

      Those numbers are absurd!!

      I think I’ve finally found my upper limit. 😥

    • Joshua Downtown PDX says:

      Godspeed to the vegetation in our region. Dry as a bone for 50 days and then ongoing record breaking heat. The area won’t be at it’s best for all the eclipse visitors later in the month. Ugliest time of year here in my opinion accentuated by our desert-like summmer this year.

  10. Alohabb says:

    Don’t try and get a central air system this week, every contractor is booked 3-5 weeks out. FYI!

  11. Daniel Lee says:

    hey mark i like the shirt you had on the news where did you get it (the eclipse shirt)?

  12. 00z ECMWF blazing hot, back to back 110 Wed-Thu, 90+ 10 consecutive days

  13. W7ENK says:

    This is shaping up to be absolute insanity.

    • Paul D says:

      The whole area is going to spontaneously combust. Seven days from now Portland will be a smoldering ash heap.

  14. Lee Wilson says:

    I really screwed that login up.

  15. 0lease be mindful of your pets and Children and be mindfull.of your elderly family or Vulnerable adult family members.

    And remember booze and heat are very had combo.

    Drink.an electrolytic solution.
    Stay safe, stay cool..and remember.
    If you don’t have Ac..there is always the shower.

    • lurkyloo says:

      Thanks! The shower or the water hose work. I’ve been looking at the DIY AC’s. You put a couple of frozen bottles of water in front of your fans and apparently you’re good!

  16. n3eg says:

    Posted on the wrong page. Well, finally we have Death Ridge 2017. It’s about time we had some warm weather here.

  17. Great post, Mark very detailed as usual. I think we will peak somewhere around 106-108. I would like to see 500mb heights a bit closer to 598dm. Stay cool everyone!

    • Oops! Laptop acting up. I meant to say, “I would like to see 500mb heights a bit closer to 598dm to really have a strong chance of obliterating our all-time record high of 107. I believe the forecast right now is for 500mb to peak around 595dm.

  18. We’re going to hit 110 next week.

  19. JERAT416 says:

    Welcome back Mark! Wow what a time to be back! We shall see what happens. I really didn’t want another July 2009 but we can survive it again. Hopefully our power grid can sustain us this time too. I’m gonna get in the water anytime I can or stay indoors where we have AC. Thankfully this time I’m in vacation so I don’t have to be outdoors working.

  20. lurkyloo says:

    This forecast can just kiss my backside.

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