Another Perfect Day

July 17, 2017

11pm Monday

For many of us this summer season has been just perfect.  Pete Ferryman even mentioned it’s the best summer he can remember recently.  I think there are 3 reasons for that.

  1. NOT MANY GRAY MORNINGS  We have seen very few gloomy marine layer days in the past month.
  2. COOL NIGHTTIME TEMPS  Wow, what a change from the last 5-6 summers!  This morning was another chilly one with lows down into the 40s in many parts of the metro area. Homes cool off quickly in the evening and air-conditioning is hardly needed.
  3. LACK OF EXTREMES In past 11 days…every single day has been between the lower 70s and mid 80s.  No showery 67 degree days, but no 90+ days either.

Look at the lows last night…as cold as 40 out in Colton, but low-mid 50s in the city

PDX Observed Low Today

This continues our summer theme; a real lack of “very warm” nights.  I doubt many of us are complaining

60 Degree Nights Portland

Those numbers are up through July 18th…remember how unbearable Summer 2015 was?  For sleeping this summer has been the best since 2011.  Little or no air-conditioning needed!

And of course our daytime highs have been quite reasonable since that brief hot spell back in late June

High Temp Last 13 Days

But what I’ve really noticed is the sunshine.  It seems like almost every morning I’ve been waking up to sunshine (or at least partly cloudy skies) since the 3rd week of June.  I don’t care if highs only make it into the low-mid 70s; a sunny start to a day really raises my mood!

I expect more of the same for the next week or two.  Other than a brief passage of a disturbance this Thursday, I don’t see a setup for rain showers.  Even then, the chance of getting measurable rain Thursday is looking quite low.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen