June 25, 2017

5:15pm Sunday

The numbers are in…and as expected it was hotter today in the metro area with hot easterly wind holding off the cooling breezes until AFTER the 5pm high temperature.  Here are the numbers, which are unlikely to change in the next 2 hours:

Check out the 5pm temperature map…

Portland sticks out like a (hot) sore thumb as they say.  100 here, but 10 degrees cooler in Salem and 20 cooler in Kelso & Eugene.  The heat wave has ended all areas west of the Cascades except right in the immediate metro area.  Gusty southwest and northwest wind will be converging in the middle of the city in the next 2 hours as we are getting a major marine push…that’s cooler ocean air pouring inland.  This will end our heat wave by sunset.  So let’s look at the numbers:

In the middle/latter part of this past workweek we forecast 92-100-102, so we were within 2 degrees with each forecast.  See what I mean about forecasting heat waves compared to other “extreme” events west of the Cascades?  Models handle these sunny periods pretty well, at least here in the metro area.    They nailed the idea of easterly wind holding on in the western Gorge through the mid-late afternoon, allowing PDX to max out its high temperature around 100.

What about tomorrow?  It looks REFRESHING.  High temperatures under partly cloudy skies (just a slight chance for a sprinkle) around 78 degrees…very nice.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen