A Week of Summer Temps Ahead

June 18, 2017

11pm Sunday

Apparently I picked the right week and a half to take off this June.  I had randomly picked this time about 9 months ago to take a trip with the family.  The high temps in the 60s and low 70s started the day I left (the 8th), and ended with high temps around 80 in the metro area today a few hours after I arrived back in town.

The sunshine was perfect today for Father’s Day and it appears we’ll see more pleasant summer weather through at least next Sunday.  Models are in good agreement with the first hot western USA ridge of the summer holding on all week just to our south.  This keeps wet weather systems away; all we have to worry about is the strength of onshore flow.  Eastern Oregon will be very hot tomorrow closer to that upper-level ridge

Meanwhile west of the Cascades I think it’s unlikely we get over 90 tomorrow, that’s in spite of 850mb temps around +18 or +19 in the morning.  Don’t think it’ll be a totally comfortable day…with leftover moisture from sprinkles yesterday plus high temps around 90 expect a bit of a “sweaty feel” compared to normal hot days around here.

Enjoy the warm sunshine this week!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen