Wettest Spring On Record In Portland

May 14, 2017

3pm Sunday…

Well, I take that back, we can start whining about the amount of rain this spring.  Note the previous post.  But now the soaking Friday and Saturday has put us in record territory…

As of midday this Sunday, the 13.00″ precipitation (mainly rain) that has fallen since March 1st is the MOST WE’VE EVER SEEN IN A SPRING THROUGH MID-MAY!  That’s pretty bad.  The airport records go back to the late 1930s…so that’s just about 80 years.


Note the chart just goes through midnight last night.  We’ve had .05″ since that time, putting us up to 13″.  Most interesting is that the top 4 wettest have occurred in the past 7 years.  Note that if we get 1.51″ of rain in the next 2+ weeks (by May 31st) that will be the wettest spring on record at PDX.  We’ll see what happens.


Salem’s weather records go back further in time…124 years.  It appears you folks are at #5 wettest.  Yet there have only been 2 wetter (1963 & 2012) in the past 80 years.  Yeah, it’s time to start whining…I’m right there with you.

Luckily another taste of summer is coming later this week.  More on that later…