Another Wet Month

April 20, 2017

11pm Thursday…

We are now above normal (for rain) this month…heading toward a 3″ rain total.  I have a feeling it’ll be more like 4″ plus by the end of the month.  It’s pretty clear that we’re going to be getting hit with a series of wet weather systems this last work week of the month

Rainfall so far this month_compared to normal or prev. records

So hunker down and try to survive another showery week ahead.  EVENTUALLY we warm up and dry out at some point.  Of course the big question is when will that happen?  We’ll see.

We’ve been very busy the past 2 weeks revamping all our weather graphics.  In fact the newscasts tomorrow starting at noon should look much different.  TV stations do this from time to time and a fresh graphic look is way overdue.   I’m confident the change will brighten things up quite a bit!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen