Another “Flirtation” With Snow In Lowlands

March 2, 2017

11pm Thursday…

Let’s do it again!  If we’re going to have a cold and wet start to March, at least we can add some variety and bring in some snowflakes to the lowlands again.  Saturday through Monday (especially Sunday/Monday) we’ll be back to cold showers and sunbreaks just like last weekend.


This is nearly a repeat of what we saw about a week ago.  One difference = there is more onshore flow this time, and the calendar has advanced a week further away from winter.  Meanwhile the thermal profile of the atmosphere overhead is similar to last week.  This tells me there’s no greater chance for sticking snow this time around, and probably less so along the coastline due to the stronger onshore flow.  As a result I think it’s unlikely we get measurable snow in most of the very lowest elevations west of the Cascades.  Of course with a heavy shower at the right time of day anyone could see a brief dusting; but most likely it just won’t affect your life down here.  More “conversational” snow for most of us in the lowlands.  It’ll look pretty as it falls too of course.

Now if you live up close to or above 1,000′ some sticking snow is possible at almost anyt time from Saturday through Monday.  And up around 1,500′ this could easily be a 5-10″ snowfall again…winter doesn’t let go as easily up in the foothills!

I’m headed to the annual Pacific Northwest Weather Workshop in Seattle this weekend so I won’t be back at work until Sunday PM.

Enjoy the snowflakes!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen