Ice Storm in Gorge, But 60 in Valley!

February 8, 2017

11pm Wednesday…

Quite a contrast across the region as cold air is slowly receding at the lowest elevations from the Portland area through the Gorge and into Eastern Washington.  Meanwhile warm air has moved in aloft with 40s at the ski resorts.   At the same time southerly wind is pushing 60 degree air up through western Oregon.


Strong wind will continue along the coast, but those gusts in the 60-65 mph range won’t cause much damage, that’s normal out there in winter.  Heavy rain is falling through the Coast Range too and as the cold front moves through the metro area at sunrise we’ll see some real downpours here too.

So hang on, by midday tomorrow the heavy rain will be finished and temperatures will ever so slowly rise above freezing in the Gorge.

Until that time I expect another 1-1.50″ rain west of the Cascades and a solid 1-1.50″ ice in the Gorge.  This is another big ice storm out there and hopefully the last of the season!

By the way, with temperatures pushing 60 tomorrow as the south wind arrives in Portland, that’ll make it the warmest day since November!  Enjoy…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen