A Quiet Sunday Evening

It is REAL quiet in the weather world this evening.  After tons of weather fun/craziness to talk about more or less since the first week of December, things are much calmer now.

I don’t see any stormy weather, flooding, cold spell, or high winds in the next week.  It appears January is going to go out with a whimper compared to the first two weeks.  The snow and ice are ever so slowly melting in the Gorge.  I see for the first time in 2017 The Dalles has made it to 40 degrees today!


That’s a good 21 degrees warmer than last Sunday’s high of 20.  Wow, that was a cold 6 day stretch below 24 degrees for you folks.  Here in Portland we were in the mid 40s near the Columbia River, but up around 50 in areas removed from that cool easterly wind drift.

Today a big storm rotated up along the Oregon Coast, but with the surface low so far offshore we just saw light easterly wind.  Farther south in California it was a much different story.  Huge rain totals soaked the whole Los Angeles area.  Lots of flooding down there


Check out the “water year” rain totals along the West Coast…


EVERYONE is getting in on the precipitation this year, which has pretty much erased drought along the West Coast.


It seems like the Drought Monitor graphic usually runs behind a few weeks, so we’ll see if that southern part of California improves.


The big storm that soaked California today may give the southern half of Oregon a few scattered showers again Monday, but for those of us north of Salem/Bend, Monday is looking mainly or all dry.  We’ll go partly cloudy in the afternoon.  Tuesday looks similar and then a very weak weather system runs into a developing ridge of high pressure late Wednesday and that MIGHT give us a shower late in the day or Wednesday night.

Colder easterly wind develops later Thursday through Saturday as we go into a typical wintertime inversion pattern.  That’s warming in the mountains and chilly valleys.

Enjoy the break from the weather this week!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


61 Responses to A Quiet Sunday Evening

  1. W7ENK says:

    Because of the “nothing moves” protests that were planned for Downtown Portland yesterday, I opted to commute by bike instead of getting stuck with no trains. Having not ridden in several months, jumping on cold and going the full 17 mile (8.5 each way) trek was a challenge, especially considering I still have a considerable amount of residual weight from the holidays still hanging off my bones. Man, I’m really feeling it today! First time I’ve commuted by bike in January, definitely my earliest first ride of the year by a long shot — it was kind of surreal. Leaving work at my normal time, but pushing to get home before it gets dark? All the trees devoid of their leaves, looking dead? The wetlands/lake at Oaks Bottom still frozen over completely? Piles of old, dirty snow still in parking lots and along some curbs through Sellwood? It was just a little weird…

    Thankfully, it wasn’t too terribly cold and the showers held off until after I got home. My time was definitely slower than usual though!

  2. Garron 1/3 of a mile from Hillsboro Airport says:

    Hmmmm, it sure is a dry day out there this morning…lol At least it’s a dry~wet…. Well, they all can’t be winner’s. I can live with a little oops it’s supposed to be dry during the winter, as long as we make up with a little more sunshine this summer!

  3. ron says:

    Driving up 101 this afternoon I saw some newborn lambs in a field–spring is coming soon! Also, tomorrow (approximately 9 P.M.) is the 317th anniversary of the last Cascadia event.

  4. marinersfan85 says:

    Models seem to want to go to round 5 or even round 6 for some of us next week. This winter has already got an A+ from me. The rest is just a bonus. Lets do it again! Make winter great again!

    • Jake-(Gresham near Nadaka Nature Park) says:

      Yeah, it’s giving us an exceptionally similar pattern to the snowstorm we saw that came in and brought wave after wave of moisture up the valley back earlier this month. That’s impressive looking at just the GFS alone. Two ridges of high pressure briefly over British Columbia, check. Juicy weather system coming ashore mid Oregon coast, check.

      Do my eyes deceive me? :O

    • HAWKEYES23 says:

      Highs in the lower 40’s and lows in the mid 30’s. Not sure what you are looking at but Portland is definitely not looking at snow.

    • W7ENK says:

      Should I start holding my breath yet?

    • Jake-(Gresham near Nadaka Nature Park) says:


    • SEdrools says:

      00z Run looks like snow to me.

    • SEdrools says:

      12z looks good now too….riding the models.

    • Jake-(Gresham near Nadaka Nature Park) says:

      Meh nope the Euro is weak. The GFS had one ridge of high pressure in mid British Columbia and another North of Vancouver island creating a very good block.

      Low pressure system then came in around mid Oregon coast. The latest models of the GFS consolidate with the Euro now putting the ridges of high pressure with one in Alaska and another in upper British Columbia.

      Not a sign of arctic air coming South into the PNW. The low pressure system also travels Northward far more so and off shore from Oregon.

      Looking like Spring-like-weather wanting to nudge in. Phooey.

  5. Walked through Laurelhurst Park and Mt Tabor Park this afternoon. I was a bit surprised to see the lake and the reservoirs mostly iced over. Shouldn’t a week of above freezing temps and rain have melted them?

  6. High Desert Mat says:

    Wow Mark, crazy to think you’ve had 4.35″ of ice thus far this winter. That’s an incredible winter anywhere.

  7. Roland Derksen says:

    This feels (and looks) like more typical January weather again; cloudy, calm, rather boring conditions today. Anyway, if we’re done with the cold weather for the winter, I’m okay with it. We had enough

  8. WEATHERDAN says:

    16 day GFS meteogram shows a marginal snow event for Western Oregon for January 31st-February 2 time frame. 1-2 inches. Not a big storm by any means but something anyway. Other than that a slow ease into Spring. Another hot Summer lies ahead for us I think. But we did get our Winter. In the mean time, Peace everyone.

  9. Windsday says:

    Don’t know about Portland but down here not a single jet trail for the last three days and God’s beautiful natural sky is showing up just fine without their help.

    Always be wary when the government says “Hi’ I’m here to help you”. 🙂

    California hasn’t had much aerosol spraying either and rain is pushing thru that has been held back since way back in 2013 and are now getting their dues which now is resulting in flooding and power outages by the thousands.

    Thanks 970mb lows! :p

    The air is no longer making me ill either last week or whenever it was last clear it was jet sprayed so bad the sun almost didn’t shine thru the murky maze.

    It looked like being in LA in the 1970s before smog control came.

  10. Alohabb says:

    The potholes around all parts of the metro area from the past weeks are as bad as I’ve ever seen. Some are so bad that suspension parts are being damaged. Yikes.

  11. Longview 400 ft says:

    Hey Mark, being it is a slow weather night and week, let me say what a funny way to end the news cast tonight!!!! LOL

  12. boydo3 N Albany says:

    Maybe just take that fork out of the drawer and start to polish it up a bit but I wouldn’t grip it too tightly..

  13. JERAT416 says:

    I imagine this week will be very helpful around the area. Between some people finally being able to take down outdoor decorations, landscapers cleaning up fallen debris from multiple snow and ice storms, and about a million other things, a mostly dry week with no extreme weather is quite the treat.

    • Jake-(Gresham near Nadaka Nature Park) says:

      Yeah, I can say this was especially the case here in Eastern county. First day I walked out to work and there was no ice or snow. I felt like I had just played a game of, “pin the tail on the donkey.”


      I had forgotten how easy it was prior to all the weather. Never had that happen before.

  14. oldwxwatcher says:

    Time to start warming up the fork?

  15. pappoose in scappoose says:

    “The first images from the new weather satellite just arrived, and they’re absolutely incredible”


  16. Paul D says:

    The weather is so quiet that the 7-day forecast has no temperatures on it!

  17. W7ENK says:

    0.46″ Friday
    0.30″ Saturday
    0.16″ Sunday

    0.92″ Total

    And here I thought, going into the weekend, it was supposed to be dry? So much for that, I guess.

  18. Mike near Clackamas Town Center says:

    Nice for things to quiet down for a while. Quite an active Winter compared to the last several years. Maybe we can get another fun event sometime in February.

  19. Lee Wilson says:

    I am enjoying it every much with some sun breaks got some decent solar in.

    Oh we have Robins popping in.
    I wonder could we be in for an early spring?

    Also, there are some plants starting to spring up .

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