A Quiet Sunday Evening

January 22, 2017

It is REAL quiet in the weather world this evening.  After tons of weather fun/craziness to talk about more or less since the first week of December, things are much calmer now.

I don’t see any stormy weather, flooding, cold spell, or high winds in the next week.  It appears January is going to go out with a whimper compared to the first two weeks.  The snow and ice are ever so slowly melting in the Gorge.  I see for the first time in 2017 The Dalles has made it to 40 degrees today!


That’s a good 21 degrees warmer than last Sunday’s high of 20.  Wow, that was a cold 6 day stretch below 24 degrees for you folks.  Here in Portland we were in the mid 40s near the Columbia River, but up around 50 in areas removed from that cool easterly wind drift.

Today a big storm rotated up along the Oregon Coast, but with the surface low so far offshore we just saw light easterly wind.  Farther south in California it was a much different story.  Huge rain totals soaked the whole Los Angeles area.  Lots of flooding down there


Check out the “water year” rain totals along the West Coast…


EVERYONE is getting in on the precipitation this year, which has pretty much erased drought along the West Coast.


It seems like the Drought Monitor graphic usually runs behind a few weeks, so we’ll see if that southern part of California improves.


The big storm that soaked California today may give the southern half of Oregon a few scattered showers again Monday, but for those of us north of Salem/Bend, Monday is looking mainly or all dry.  We’ll go partly cloudy in the afternoon.  Tuesday looks similar and then a very weak weather system runs into a developing ridge of high pressure late Wednesday and that MIGHT give us a shower late in the day or Wednesday night.

Colder easterly wind develops later Thursday through Saturday as we go into a typical wintertime inversion pattern.  That’s warming in the mountains and chilly valleys.

Enjoy the break from the weather this week!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen