2pm: Heavy Rain is Here, Ice Storm East Metro

That accelerated quickly!  Moderate to heavy rain suddenly arrived in the metro area in the past hour and now ice is accumulating (technically accreting) where temps are below freezing.  I-84 immediately closed in the Gorge.  1/2 hour before that time I drove it westbound just as rain beginning and there were a LOT of semi-trucks flying through at 50-60 mph.  I’m guessing that didn’t go well once the heavy rain started at 25 degrees.  Where will the ice storm continue?  Take a look at the map:


Yep, in the areas exposed to the cold east wind coming out of the Gorge.  The cold air is only 1,000′ over Troutdale.


Within the blue area above an ice storm has begun and will continue tonight.  Remember that temperatures have to be below 31 degrees for roads to turn icy, so in much of east Portland this will be a damaging event for trees/powerlines but not terrible on the roads.

ALL OTHER AREAS west of the Cascades are IN THE CLEAR for additional icing on roads.  This includes all of north/west/south metro areas.  Once you go south of the Multnomah County line in the east metro area you are mainly out of the freezing air.  You can resume your normal activities in those areas



Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen



35 Responses to 2pm: Heavy Rain is Here, Ice Storm East Metro

  1. Lee Wilson says:

    Mark we are at 41,
    Here is a dreaded thought few are taking notice on

    Our yard is still frozen .if any on of you walks put and looks at your yard you will notice standing water.
    Its not draining.

    No imagine all this rain hitting hill sides.

    Mark serious question.
    What is the possibility of flash flooding?

    • Thatʻs a really good point and Iʻm glad you brought it up. We live on a fairly steep hillside (lots of pasture below us) and the ground is probably so frozen itʻs not absorbing the water. I wonder where all the water is going to go till the ground thaws.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      Well I have seen a few farm fields become lakes a few times in where Tue land dips

  2. Beth says:

    No need to go all the way to Troutdale to see the ice. I’ve got a good 1/4″ on my boat here on Hayden Island.

  3. Rivergrove says:

    Anyone know what conditions are supposed to be overnite around Kaiser Hospital on Sunnyside?

  4. JJ78259 says:

    There’s always the naked Finnish weather Girl

  5. Jack in Corbett says:

    We already have an additional 1/4 inch of ice on top of the ice already on the pavement. Currently 27* and strong winds with gusts in 50s

  6. …meanwhile…. Here in Union County we are under a BLIZZARD warning…wind is gusting to 83 near the freeway, sheets of metal are blowing from the roof of Hot Lake Hotel, trailers are getting blown off the road, and the precipitation hasn’t started for this round yet…I’m above the wind, but it sounds like a frieght train from my perch…

  7. Mark says:

    I hate this. My weather Idol has now had two busts in a row. Two big busts! My heart is heavy as he now has the same record as the hacks at the NWS on the last two events. Sigh.

  8. Riley says:

    I’m off Sandy Blvd and 223rd in Fairview. Ice started accreting around 2pm and has not let up. Winds from the east steady 23mph with gusts near 40mph. This will be a damaging storm for those in the midst of this freezing east wind.

  9. Deer Is. at 750' says:

    30.6 here with ice forming and dripping off the cikiles but they’re still getting longer.

  10. Jake-(Gresham near Nadaka Nature Park) says:

    Here around 181st and Glisan. Hmmmm we have a temperature reading of 35F. I think this thing is busted. Glad I purchased a weather station.

    Had to go out and put a bucket under a gutter – leaking. Gutters are full of ice like you’d see in a freezer with an ice tray. Just a solid piece of ice block.

    No way to get it out. Saw this coming. 😦

    • Jake-(Gresham near Nadaka Nature Park) says:

      Dang it! Why can’t East counties escape for once too out of a major Winter event from ice. Bahumbug!

  11. Alohabb says:

    Serious ponding and some small street flooding in Aloha.

  12. BruceInTroutdale says:

    Very weird setup here Mark. I’m closer to MHCC on Troutdale road (220ft elevation). It’s bouncing between 32 and 33 degrees. Not really icing on walkways (some are a little chunky is all). Trees look like they might have a little ice – hard to tell – they are dripping. I’ve never seen -10mb Gradient from The Dalles to Troutdale – and we are DEAD CALM here – not a breath of wind. But just a few blocks north – towards downtown Troutdale and the winds pickup and so does the ice.

    • I was wondering about this myself. Im down by poo lake. By 223rd and Sandy. It’s windy as heck but up in Gresham, not much wind at all. Craziest thing. Don’t recall seeing it like that.

  13. Pete says:

    Raining and steady at 33.4 degrees the past hour here at NE 60th/Glisan in Portland. Puddles, no ice.

  14. Mark, thank you so much for all your updates and keeping us informed. Good job!

  15. Lee Wilson says:

    I stand corrected we are getting some freezing rain…

  16. Laura -- Weather Group Outcast says:

    33 degree rain here in Oregon City.. Wonder if it will drop a degree or two? Probably not if the air mixes.. but if it doesnt????

  17. Lee Wilson says:

    OK were went from from 29 this morning went to 34 dropped to 32 and now we’re at 33.

    Just waiting for the flooding to start..oh how about those 60 mph winds ..any one getting those as of yet?

  18. Diana F says:

    Holy Smokes I hope those truckers made it ok before they closed the road. The types of accidents with trucks during snow and ice events is terrifying. Saw an incredible video of a semi clipping a snow plow, and down it went over a 300 foot embankment. Destroyed the snow plow and the driver was very seriously injured. *And it occurred because the semi wanted to pass the plow!

    Wait I think I saw this on Fox 12!

  19. In Damascus: it’s coming down as rain but we’re still not above freezing yet.

  20. Lee Wilson says:

    We have Snain…lol…and a mess…

  21. Excellent map showing the danger areas of this ice storm. Keep up the good work Mark.

  22. Freezing rain really coming down in Fairview. Icicles are forming on the cars and in the covered patio edges. Gonna be an interesting next few hours.

  23. W7ENK says:

    Gresham/Troutdale was never going to escape this. The vast majority of the Portland metro area (90% of the forecast area) seems to have dodged a major bullet… once again.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      One bullet we haven’t dodged…possible flooding…we have permanent frost…
      Where exactly is all this water going to…go?..icy ground really does not absorb water..

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