Biggest Snow Storm Since 2008 In Portland

January 11, 2017

4pm Wednesday…

It appears the final numbers are in now since we’ve only seen flurries since 10am or so.

The big question…

How does this storm compare to previous snow storms in Portland???

It was the biggest snowstorm since December 2008, just over 8 years

The official total at the Portland National Weather Service office in Parkrose was 7.9″ 8.0″


Here are lots of other totals from around the metro area:


Most interesting about last night’s storm was the convective nature of the precipitation.  Very heavy bands of rain/snow moved north right along I-5 from 7-11pm.  So the big dumping was straight south to north from Lake Oswego through the middle of the city (that’s rare!) north through Vancouver and Hazel Dell.

West of Hwy 217 and east of I-205 it was more of a “typical” Portland snow storm.  By that I mean 4-8″ for most of us away from that big dumping in the middle of the metro area.

Here’s a look at the past few storms…these numbers are the official numbers from the NWS Office:


So what happens now?  We have thick snow cover, clearing skies Thursday, and a cool/dry airmass overhead.  That means cold nights and cool, but sunnier days.  It’s pretty obvious that we have the potential for single digits in the coldest outlying areas Friday and Saturday mornings, assuming skies remain clear.  We will likely not get down below 10 degrees here in the city.

To summarize…the snow on the ground isn’t going to suddenly melt, it will compress the next few days and gradually melt off roads.  Another snow day for the kids tomorrow, and possibly Friday too!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

What a Snow Storm!

January 11, 2017

I’m just getting going at 10am after the craziest night in my 23 years of doing this.  We forecast a snow storm (1-4″).  But, sorry, I missed a digit on the upper end.  Instead we got 1-14″!!!  Parts of the south metro at the edge of the cold air only saw very light snow at the end of the event.

The OFFICIAL total (as of 10am) at the NWS office in Parkrose is 7.9″  I don’t know yet if that one-day total is greater than the 2008 snow storm.  So officially it’s our greatest one day snow since at least 2008, but possibly back to 1993 or earlier.

At the airport (which is no longer the official observing site), through midnight 6.5″ fell, making it the 7th biggest one day snowfall in P-Town.  If you read that at face value, this was our snowiest day since 1977.  BUT, big issue, 2008 doesn’t show up in the records because the airport location has seen observations come and go the past 20 years.  Without 2008 in there we don’t know how this one ranks at the airport.


Regardless,  this event is winding down and we’ll just see flurries the rest of the day and then go clear and cold for a few days.

The center of the metro area got the most snow with less to the east and west.  When I got home (at 1:30am), there were only 3″ of fresh snow…so sad.

Here are the totals as of 6am:


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen