A Historic Snowstorm

11:30pm Tuesday…

I’m heading home now; what a crazy night!  It’s still snowing and some spots in the Portland/Vancouver area have 9″ of snow on the ground!  It’s our biggest storm since the December 2008 event.

There won’t be a commute tomorrow morning since the city is pretty much shut down

More tomorrow…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. Lee Wilson says:

    Why speak words when a video says it all

  2. Kathy says:

    11.5 inches in my driveway. 17th and Dekum

  3. Jake-(Gresham) says:

    Few blocks from the new Gresham DMV location:

    I just got up about 30 minutes ago. It’s …..still. Snowing!

    I was expecting dead calm and about 7 inches of snow. We’ve got 8 or 9 inches of snow and the East wind 10 ~ 12 mph gusting to 18mph. I also see in the forecast we get the East wind for at least a few more days.

    Olie crap this plowed over even the 4 ~ 7 inches I forecasted. The
    total for the 2008 snowstorm was 12 inches which was forecasted by the computer models for about 8 days straight.

    Talk about this being a surprise snowstorm!

  4. gggcorno says:

    Early morning NWS AFD mentions an atmospheric river rain event by Tuesday. I hope this doesn’t turn into a repeat of Feb. 1996 flooding. Snow is wonderful. Flooding like that is astonishing to see but not good for anyone.

    BTW, why is my front yard the only one in the neighborhood with animal and people tracks through it? I really do prefer the undisturbed snow look. Oh well, I’m still really thankful for the beauty that this snow brought.

    • Diana F says:

      When Lola and I went for a walk, as an 8 year old she was dying to run through yard after yard of untouched snow! I stopped her right away, though–and explained that most people will prefer their yards to remain as pristine as possible, so they can look out on the scene that look just like a postcard….and it will all get ugly soon enough once the real melting starts!

  5. Jason Hougak says:

    Definitely a metro area snowstorm. 3″ in the foothills on top of the varied 2-6″ we’ve had on the ground since New Years Eve. Congrats on the nice metro snowfall. All night we were on the eastern front keeping watch. Got into the snow finally by 7 am and it’s been snowing steady since. Saturday will be 2 weeks with snow on the ground. My wife is ready for Maui in a week😆

  6. W7ENK says:

    5.75″ last evening.
    4.0″ by 6:00 this morning.
    Another 2.0″ as of 9:30am.
    Still snowing!

    This is absolutely incredible. 😀

  7. Theoneandonly says:

    Molalla got an inch whoop whoop!

  8. Erin Lee says:

    We have 9″ and still going. Mt. Park 600′.

  9. Kmmom3 says:

    Hey Mark, when all this melts and with the rain coming in next week, are we looking at severe flooding?

    • Before the Dome went up, Seattle got 1 to 2 feet in 1996, which then turned into heavy 50-degree rain. It was a horrible mess. Some streets were several feet deep in water and slush.

      Portlanders (citizens, not just city workers, the problem is too big for the city to tend to it all) should shoveling out paths to the storm drains before the thaw hits.

    • …should START shoveling out…

      darned spontaneous word-delete

  10. Austin-West Vancouver says:

    No have a foot in West Vancouver felida area. It’s a Christmas miracle!!!

  11. KORLAKEO21 says:

    8″ of heavy, wet snow in Westlake area of Lake Oswego as of 8:15. 30 degrees. No wind.

  12. JJ78259 says:

    Now Rod Hill is saying 15 inches of snow! Watching the live feed makes me want to put wood into the wood stove! I did that 22 years in Milwaukie but alas it will be 81 degrees today in San Antonio and no wood stove.

    • Alohabb says:

      I will say I did think his explanation of the incorrect amounts was pretty true. Predicting.10 of rain and we get .25 and it was just a heavy rain day. Predict the same for snow and everyone blames them about incorrect forecasts.

      I’ll cut them a bit of slack. Tough job.

  13. Alohabb says:

    Crazy amounts of snow. Driving back over HWY 6, it looked like a massive wind storm with so many trees and limbs all over the roads. Gonna start looking like that in PDX after all this snow.

  14. Lee Wilson says:

    Sunday through Tuesday only 63 Kwhrs Used.
    Now let’s see what happens when we.

    So any one here know how much power they consumed so far this month?

    Our dryer is what is making our usage a bit high.

  15. Wendy-Silverlake, WA says:

    So I have a six inch ruler that I use for measuring snow. I stick it on the rail of the porch. It’s buried. I have no clue how much is out there and I really don’t feel like getting a bigger ruler to go see. I must say I really didn’t expect it to get that deep. Lol, so much for a Portland – south event again with a much smaller amount north. At this rate I hope the schools give the kids an extra long 4th of July weekend since they’ll probably still be in school at that time.

    • Diana F says:

      Yah we lost our ruler here at our house in East Vancouver as well. And the inches at this point are irrelevant! It’s about feet!

  16. pappoose in scappoose says:

    National Weather Service Portland OR
    405 AM PST WED JAN 11 2017

    While these totals may change, here are the reports so far:
    Snowfalls are from 4 pm Tuesday through 2 am.


  17. JJ78259 says:

    Rod Hill is perplexed the satellite loop keeps filling in with Showers its never going to End! Arrrgh!

  18. Garrison-Aumsville says:

    Not a snow day for all. We got skunked with a dusting 10 miles southeast of Salem!!!

  19. Andrew says:

    10.25 inches here in Beaverton, this is insane!!!

  20. JJ78259 says:

    Having my Coffee watching Portland News on the incredible forecast bust by all the weather people! Maybe an inch or two HaHa! Snow day for All!

  21. Windsday says:

    Not only did the official weather Mets blew it on the amount underestimating it but they also blew it by how small the coverage of snow is in their/our district.

    A lot of us still have a long way to go before reaching 2008 levels which probably will be another 2 years based on how historic these kinds of lows are.

    Silver Falls Andrews on The Weather Forums dot com was also 33F and rain while up at 1,600 feet near Silver Falls Park. Looks like no snow up there to go see either.

    Horse Shoe Creek briefly went to freezing too.

    He just switched over to light snow about an hour ago so maybe that area will get the reaaaaaaaaaly long icicles and the falls will freeze over solid.

    Better then nothing assuming the cold wave verifies down here.

    We switched over to snow about the same time and have a thin covering and using the eye-ball snow gauge I’d guesstimate 1/4 to 1/2 inches of very wet snow if you can call it that.

    Freezing kind of mist right now with the baro still pretty low but rising.

  22. gggcorno says:

    It is just so beautiful out there. About 9″ now.

    • Dave_in_Troutdale says:

      Should be some reports of 12″ by morning I’m guessing. Pretty impressive for these parts.

  23. boninepaul says:

    Wow, I ended up with 8.25″ so far. North Portland. Impressive.

  24. Diana F says:

    Hold onto your Buns, Ladies and Gents, the NWS says 10 to 14 additional inches of snow tonight??? What???

    And 1 to 3 inches of snow tomorrow. HUH?

    Uh, Mark? I know you like to dole out the excitement slowly, but…..10 to 14 inches??


    • Anonymous says:

      Diana, hold onto your buns! I read the NWS announcement as 10-14 total inches overnight and then an additional amount 1-3. I like your version better though! =) Either way, it’s all gravy to our feast!

  25. Diana F says:

    Haven’t had this much fun since…..2008!

    Lola was a tiny baby then, now she’s an 🤓 8 year old #sciencegeek in absolute awe and wonder over Mother Nature flexing her powers by dumping a ton of snow on us.

    And we mean dumped in the nicest way possible.

    Lola finally drifted off to sleep just moments ago, because c’mon, there is far too much excitement around here to “…JUST CLOSE MY EYES…”!

    Fire Dancers performing in the Snow, watched right outside our Front Door.
    Hot Cocoa with Snowflake Marshmallows shared, right outside our Front Door.
    Howling wind and blowing snow, enjoyed right outside our Front Door.

    Because right outside our Front Door rages a HISTORICAL SNOWSTORM!

    As I finished reading Lola her bedtime book, we took one last peek out the window, and she whispered…….”It’s just like we live in Arendelle*, isn’t it? Tell Mark thanks a BUNCH”!

    Lola always thanks Mark when the weather does what she’d like it to.

    It’s a GREAT TIME to be a kid right about now!

    #FellowWeatherGeeks, one for the Books!

    • Erin Lee says:

      I have a Lola too! She was 5 at the time, and now she is 13. She is still just as excited! It brings out the child in all of us!

  26. Colin says:

    6 inches even at orenco station (hillsboro)! Quite the storm!

  27. Walker says:

    And exactly zero eighths of an inch in Corvallis. At least it finally turned into a rain snow mix at about midnight… 😦

  28. Kathleen says:

    We had 9 inches at around 11pm up here in Portland Heights in the west hills. It looks like another few days stuck at home as we never get any services clearing the hill we live on. Beautiful snow but maddening (not really maddening more antsy cabin fever lol) cabin fever!! Hopefully it is not as slick as the previous storms and we can walk around outside without falling!!! I hope you get a break from the news to sleep before the next storm lol.

  29. Ev in The 'Couve (Lakeshore, 150' msl) says:

    Just got back from an hour long jaunt around the Lakeshore-Felida-Hazel Dell-Salmon Creek area NW of Vancouver. A few thoughts:

    Already a lot of tree damage. I counted three trees down, and another that had broken in half. Branch damage everywhere.
    Saw electrical arcing several times; judging by the sagging of the power lines and the tremendous snow weight on tree branches that’s going to get worse. We just had our power go out for about 10 seconds; I suspect more (and longer) power outages are probably in our near future.
    The snow is seriously wet. Like barely holding-together-as-snow wet. This event, as epic as it is, was so marginal. Two or three degrees higher and we’d be looking at heavy, chunky rain and most of us saying “missed it by that much.”
    I haven’t seen this many people on skis and snowboards since the last time I was on the mountain.
    Anyone with 2WD vehicles has zero business being on the roads. You WILL get stuck. Arterials are (somewhat) passable, but any time a hill is encountered, you’d better have 4WD. Some of the side streets are so bad, it’s getting challenging even with 4WD.
    If we really do drop back into the deep freeze, the whole county is going to be paralyzed for at least a day. It’s going to take that long just to get the arterials and neighborhood collectors into some semblance of shape.
    Enjoy this incredible storm everyone! This is a once a decade caliber event:)

    • Diana F says:

      I noticed the same thing about the temps, Ev….it seems awfully warm right about now. I will definitely be watching that freezing point closely! Stay safe!

    • Windsday says:

      Most of the night it was that way here. The missed it by that much which is a famous quote from Get Smart TV Show by the way as temps hovered 33F and I’ve never seen so much 33F and heavy rain before.

      He would say that but in reality he would miss it by a mile and be embarrassed.

      Literally got over 2 inches in da bucket in the last 48 hours and now it’s just a fine freezing mist with a thin layer of snow.

      Eye-balling it I’d say 1/4th inch to 1/2 inch just enough to make it a bit white.

      Precip line seems to have shut off after 9pm like somebody just turned the spigot off with a big wheel to turn.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      You need to tell the non sticky wet snow that its not supposed to stick to my wind turbine.

      By the way…wet snow is heavy in moisture content..best for making snow man..While dryer, powdery snow is best for skiing..heavy wet snow sticks to things, dryer powdery stuff does not..

      And two words…Micro and Climate…lean the term..Micro Climates.

  30. Longview 400 ft says:

    Hey Mark, thanks for all that you do!! So I hate to ask for one more thing.
    When you take off for home like this could you let us know you made it home and how long it took you?

    Wow, you must love adventure!!!
    Thank you again.

    31.8 temp

  31. Matt (Vancouver 98683 @150ft) says:

    Good luck on getting home, Mark! Amazing stuff out there…

  32. W7ENK says:

    Power bumps.

    Aaaaaaaaand… now we have trees coming down and transformers/power lines/cut out fuses exploding. Great!!

    • Matt (Vancouver 98683 @150ft) says:

      A cold rain does that?! Ouch! Just kidding! That sucks, W7ENK. At least you have snow? =)

    • We’re getting that here, too. Not from snow of course; the Dome is keeping that well away. Fraser outflow. Already down to 29.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      W7, it seems I was a tad off on my prediction …..well better late than never.

      Remeber never make fun of a person..you never know when it will.come around and bite you back.

      Well…take care, hope your future purchase will be a generator.. Oh..put your food out side in the snow…it will prevent spoiling.

      Unless your in an apartment complex.. Then you will need.to fend.off looters.

  33. Jake-(Gresham) says:

    Few blocks from the Gresham DMV:

    1.5 inches @ 8:44pm
    2.5 inches @ 9:44pm
    3.25 inches @ 10:44pm
    5 inches @ 11:44pm

    Guessing on the last one; tried to measure in several places before running back in. Savage out there!

    Safe travels Mark! And thanks!!

    The kitty cat I believe says it all how this night was. 😛

    • Diana F says:

      OMG I have to have that cat. No, wait. My cat would be displeased. And that’s all she needs, another reason to overeat lol.

      So we figured out we are neighbors across the river, and after looking at your activity, I can see that ours was very similar–I know I thought we were going to be SOL on this one, but you didn’t see it that way?

      I wasn’t being scientific, just emotional lol.

      And then at one point, when I went outside, I said that it smells/feels like snow, but was convinced it wouldn’t happen because of temps.

      It’s 1:20 am now (into Wednesday) and we’re at a dash under 7 inches, and it’s still snowing.

      Years of wishcasting and praying have finally come to fruition, eh?

      Dang right, naysayers eat my rubber!

    • Windsday says:

      The NWS would be better off having a weather sensitive cat to have as a second opinion they would look at when the MET models are full of garbage.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      Remember Bob the weather cat?

  34. Lee Wilson says:

    I went to let my dog out, he gave that look as if to say..no..I don’t need to go that bad.

  35. Blake says:

    Thanks for staying on Mark. Drive safely!

  36. Wow! Kids are going to love waking up tomorrow morning! Finally enough snow to sled on. Another hour or two at this rate and we will have 7 to 8 inches in Aloha.

  37. Pete says:

    8 inches at Altamont Summit in Happy Valley!!! Just measured, and still coming down!

  38. tamarakriner says:

    Thank you Mark! This snow is crazy!

    Tamara Kriner Troutdale, OR


  39. Lee Wilson says:

    What event gave us 4 feet of snow in the Longview area?
    How come we only go back to 2008..I thought we had an event back in 80 something?

  40. Diana F says:



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