Ice Storm Warning: Lots of Ice Next 18 Hours

11:00pm Saturday…

We’re done with the snow part of our storm since warm air has moved in overhead; just as forecast by models.

Wanderer’s Peak at 4,000′ SE of Estacada is above freezing now, and Horse Creek weather station at 3,700′ east of Silverton is up to 37 with a southerly breeze.  So now we’re into the ice storm part of this event.  The NWS has issued an Ice Storm Warning due to this development.


Freezing rain showers have picked up on radar now and we’re about to get a bunch over the metro area.  Those showers continue tonight as the glazing of ice starts to thicken on trees/powerlines/roads etc…


But the heaviest rain (freezing rain) arrives tomorrow morning/midday as a cold front approaches.  At the same time the cold easterly flow will strengthen again from the Gorge.  Expect the cold wind to pour back out over the east side of the metro area again during the day.  This will keep temps below freezing.


As mentioned in the previous posting, we expect up to 1/2″ ice accumulation across a good portion of the metro area during the daytime tomorrow.

As the cold front passes overhead tomorrow afternoon that will totally kill the high pressure east of the mountains.  That also “closes our freezer door” west of the Cascades meaning the Gorge east wind ends and temperatures rise through the evening.  The slow thaw will be on tomorrow night and Monday.  I’m ignoring some models that show a breezy south wind up the valley tomorrow evening.  If that were to happen we’d see temperatures pop up to 45 quickly.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

109 Responses to Ice Storm Warning: Lots of Ice Next 18 Hours

  1. Jake-(Gresham) says:

    Freezing Rain Hits Portland with a Threat to WA Passes (Sunday, January 8, 2017):

  2. Garrison-Aumsville says:

    Still 32 in Aumsville (12 miles SE of Salem) 2 inches of snow road frozen besides ruts

  3. 36 and raining now. The Dome is in perfect working order. It did not let so much as a single snowflake nor a single droplet of freezing drizzle get within thirty miles of me so long as the temperature remained below freezing.

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