Christmas Vacation

I’ll be on vacation the rest of this week, back at work for the 10pm show Christmas Day.   So likely no postings this week, unless something real exciting shows up on the maps.  Heading for a brief stay in a warmer place.

This isn’t the hotel I’m staying in, but hope to visit it this week!  It’s been in my bucket list for a few years.  Can anyone ID it?


Merry Christmas!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. Aaron B. says:

    Ft. Jefferson indeed. I was lucky enough to be there the 18th of this month and do a bit of snorkeling in the 77 degree water around the Fort. In my personal opinion, December is the best month to go to the Dry Tortugas–especially for Northwesterners!

  2. Hmmm…. Just checked my NWS forecast today and it seems that the Hood Canal Effect is forecast to kick in this afternoon. That’s when cold air banks against the east side of the Olympics and causes a local area of lowland snow. I don’t live smack-dab in the middle of the affected area but do often get some effect from it, and I’m inside the winter weather advisory zone.

    So we shall see. If it happens, it looks like it will be a dusting of wet glop that accumulates then turns to rain and melts.

    • And it’s looking more like Outflow Event No. 3 will happen around New Year’s Day. Or would that be No. 2? Depends on whether you count the first two as 1 and 2 or 1a and 1b (since they were part of a prolonged cold spell with one small pause in it).

      Either way, nice to see we’re getting a non-boring winter after the past few boring ones.

  3. MasterNate says:

    The first half of January 2017 is shaping up to bring us the winter weather that most of us have been wanting for years and years. Very cold temps look imminent, the big question will be the precipitation opportunities. Either way, getting the cold air in place is the hardest ingredient to find for our snow events and it looks real promising that that may be plentiful starting next week.

  4. Scooter says:

    Out herding his favorite sheep no doubt.

  5. Sapo says:

    It’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll see some sort of arctic blast in the early January period. The GFS, GEM, and ECMWF (though to a lesser extent) have all been in fairly consistent agreement that we’ll see some sort of arctic blast, or at least cold period. Based on the ensembles and 500mb charts I think the ECMWF might be struggling with the pattern and the cut-off low, and I’d lean towards the GFS/GEM but who knows, it’s still 7-8 days out and a lot could change.

    00z GFS today was very cold, closer to last night’s 00z and today’s 6z. Ensembles showed major improvements too. Also the GFS has been hinting at a reload around day 10, obviously way too far out for anything to be certain but it’s interesting. As far as snow chances here, it’s too far out to tell with precipitation but there could be a chance at snow with the arrival of the arctic air sometime next Sunday-Monday. With a cold air mass in place there’s always a chance.

    Weird how the ECMWF has been the most inconsistent of all the models on this, so like I mentioned earlier I’d lean with GFS/GEM solution for now. Merry Christmas!! Hope for some arctic air haha

    • Scooter says:

      The same old story year after year, winter after winter, obsessive wish-casting for some unobtainable event which of course will never produce a satisfactory result for those with unrealistic expectations. What do say, let’s just chill out and let the weather and seasons unfold as they may.

    • …my beer and rib sales would suffer greatly at the bottom of the cliff if there were no wishcasting… 😉

    • Diana F. says:

      This is most excellent to hear!! The 8 year old and I actually tried to book a train trip yesterday from Vancouver WA to Spokane because it snowing up there! The traffic cams were telling the story big time. But the sleeper car, with a big picture window and private bath, was not available… it was ano go dang it. So until we can figure out something else to do, we’re stuck here wishing and watching….Happy New Year and may it be Cold and Wet (32 and under natch)

    • Sapo says:

      12z Euro jumped on the bandwagon, that was good to see. 12z GFS cold, 18z GFS looks slightly milder with the air but still really cold, will be interesting to see if it gives us a reload/snowstorm like previous runs have.

  6. Jason Hougak says:

    ⚠️️00z GFS… wow to say the least! 💨❄️❄️❄️

  7. marinersfan85 says:

    It’s starting to look like the GFS may be on to something.

  8. Tim says:

    Sure looks like Ft. Jefferson on the very end of the Florida keys!

  9. JohnD says:

    The Anchorage AFD today mentions the potential for a buckling of the Asian jet near the longitude of the Kachata Peninsula/Bearing Sea area. When ridging takes place in this area, sometimes this leads to a full on jets up-over-and down into the PNW. At least that is how It seems to have gone sometimes in the past. E.g. Along with an arctic outbreak here. Maybe this plays in to what some of the models are showing for here by early next week!?

    Have a great Christmas Day everyone, Off now for a day of eats and friends–like most of us!

  10. Dave in SW PDX (235') says:

    Merry Christmas! I hope Santa brings us all some peace, love, and understanding today. Here’s to a snowy New Year!

  11. Sue Pitts says:

    Looks like the old fort at Dry Tortugas located off the coast of Florida built during the Revolutionary War by the North for troops and munitions, Mark.
    What looks like grass around it is a large, deep moat.
    I swam with 15 foot Nurse Sharks there. They gathered in large numbers to mate and our small boat happened to stop there on our way to Mexico from Miami at the right time of year.
    The sharks were on the reef visible on the top of the photo. They would swim out to about a 20 foot depth and mate in a beautiful, intertwining dance then swim back to the edge of the beach and rest in very shallow water. It was a transforming experience to see these large creatures so elegant and peaceful. We watched from our dingy but eventually slipped into the water. That brought the sharks. When a very large, curious shark approached me and glided by me within inches, that eye taking in every inch of me, I grabbed her dorsal fin and we went for a ride. That day released me from being plagued by an irrational fear of sharks.
    May you and your family have a blessed vacation together.

  12. Drove through 100 miles of compacted snow covered roads en rote to Sparks Nevada Saturday afternoon. Lots of snow fell the night before making the view very beautiful and festive even though the drive took many hours more than it should have if it were dry! Merry Xmas!

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