Worst East Metro Ice Storm in 20 Years, But The Melt Is On!

December 10, 2016

As of 11am Saturday all metro area temps are above freezing, including the extreme western Gorge, west of Bridal Veil.  At my home it’s jumped above freezing as the southerly breezes arrive.  There have been widespread reports of 1″ or more ice across the east side of the metro area, with 2″+ in Corbett.  We haven’t seen ice accumulations like this since the disastrous 1996 storms in late December that year.  (10pm edit:  I wasn’t very specific.  This is the worst we’ve seen east of I-205 since the 1996 storm.  I’m totally aware that January 1998 and January 2004 saw extensive and damaging icing south/central/west metro that was worse than the past few days…by far.  In those events the eastern metro area that was hammered the past 24 hours saw far more snow and thinner ice accumulations, they were deeper into the cold air)


Warming will continue the rest of the day and temperatures should jump into the 40s.  Be safe out there with ice falling all over the east side of the metro area!

Earlier today there were 25,000 of you out of power in PGE’s territory.  I haven’t seen that with ice in a long time.  All because the temperature was 30-32 instead of 33-35!

By the way, I did make it home last night, but ended up walking/running the last mile.  There were 3 whole trees down on my road and of course lots of pieces of ice crashing down.  Quite a surreal experience at 1am to be walking down an icy road with big bangs/thuds/crashes in the woods.  That phone light was only pointed up…but I have to say I felt more awake at that time than any other part of this week!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen