9:30am: Flurries Arriving

Good Morning!

Looks like the first flurries are arriving in the metro area with more significant precipitation (snow and freezing rain) having made it to the Salem and McMinnville areas in the past hour.

Everything is still on track forecast-wise.  The precipitation (all snow in metro area) picks up the next few hours and we should see a good burst of snow midday and afternoon.  The morning models still look almost exactly the same with that burst of heavier stuff during the afternoon.

Temperatures are exactly where we have been expecting them to be…most lowland locations are a few notches above freezing.  When the precipitation really kicks in those temps generally drop back to freezing, or, closer to the Gorge and in the hills down into the upper 20s due to evaporative cooling.  That happens when moisture falls into a very dry air mass.  It takes heat to evaporate so the temperature has to fall.

We’ll stick with our forecast TRACE-2″ in the middle of the metro area and 2-4″ far west metro, and far SW areas (Carlton/McMinnville) etc…, and maybe near the Gorge too.  All other points on the previous posts are still valid and I haven’t changed my thinking/forecast

Now it’s just a wait and see game for the weather folks…and you too.

This guy is waiting as well…


Joseph Chung from a local weather group got this for his birthday yesterday.  Is he hoping for 5″???  We’ll see about that.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

76 Responses to 9:30am: Flurries Arriving

  1. W7ENK says:


    Time to dig this out again!


  2. Leading edge of the snow just reached Olympia airport. Caught it starting on the webcam.

  3. Hal in Aims says:

    just switched to -zr………

  4. Taylor (Happy Valley) says:

    29 degrees and snow or sleet in Happy Valley. Still very windy

  5. T09 - Happy Valley says:

    Getting some ZR mixing in with sleet now. Still 28 at my house though.

  6. Highway cams show the snow has reached the Centralia/Chehalis area now.

  7. T09 - Happy Valley says:

    All sleet now in Happy Valley. Darn!

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