Wettest Start To October

October 17, 2016

11pm Monday…

You are living through the wettest October we’ve seen so far…Both in Portland and Salem we’ve never seen a wetter first 17 days of the month.  Here in Portland we’re heading toward 6″ this evening:


The end of October record, the wettest month we’ve ever seen, is just over 8″ set in 1994, so were only 2″ away from that.

But that’s nothing compared to the wetter parts of the region.  Check out some other westside locations.:


and Coast Range…yes, that’s a foot of rain in just the past 7 days up there!


But wait!  There’s more.  The biggest numbers are up in the usual spot just southwest of Mt. St. Helens…over a foot in a half in just a week!


Apparently models weren’t crazy looking for 10″ or more in just 3 days.  There’s a good reason a lot of moss grows on the west slopes of the Cascades, no wonder trees grow so well here!

The rain lightens up quite a bit the next week compared to the past one, but it still looks wet off and on.  I wouldn’t be surprised if another 1-3″ falls by next Tuesday.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen