First Oregon Coast Tornado Since 2009

3:45pm Friday…

Whew!  Today was the day that was going to be relatively slow, between storms.  Instead some of those heavy showers and thunderstorms produced the first tornadoes on the Oregon Coast since the 2009 event in Lincoln City:


Now that was Lincoln City 7 years ago.  Today a thunderstorm passed over Manzanita around 8:15am.  A waterspout moved onshore and turned into a tornado.

The NWS is doing a storm survey right now.  This is what we know as of now.

  • There were 2 tornadoes on the coast, one at Manzanita around 8:15am and then a 2nd about 9:10am at Oceanside about 18 miles farther south.  For the first time in Portland TV news history we have video of both from a distance AS they move through both towns!  Pretty cool
  • There was no damage in Oceanside
  • They were moving very quickly…40-60 mph
  • This appears to have been the first time a tornado warning has been issued west of the Cascades BEFORE a tornado arrived.  Manzanita was under a severe thunderstorm warning at the time regardless.

Wild stuff…apparently the NWS has only issued 5 tornado warnings in the past 11 years, but issued 10 today!  This was also the first tornado warning issued by Portland NWS since November 2014.

One Response to First Oregon Coast Tornado Since 2009

  1. Amazing, 10 tornado warnings for the Coast…. Now on to tomorrow………….

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