EF-2 Tornado In Manzanita

The NWS concluded their storm survey and rated today’s twister the strongest in Oregon since 2010


The craziest fact?  This tornado moved directly through the “downtown core” of a small Oregon town.  That’s exactly what happened with the last EF-2 tornado in Aumsville.  That was in mid December 2010.  Take a look at the graphic from the NWS folks:


It could have been a quarter mile, or 1 mile, 2 miles etc… in some other direction but instead it went right through the middle of town.  Check out the Aumsville path from 6 years ago:

Aumsville Tornado_NWS-Damage_path

Crazy stuff eh?  Thanks to the Portland NWS for the quick storm survey.  AND thanks to those hardworking “government workers” for getting out the Tornado Warning BEFORE the storm hit.  I’ve never seen that west of the Cascades in my 23 year career.  Remember that before you lump all of those workers into one (usually negative) category.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

5 Responses to EF-2 Tornado In Manzanita

  1. W7ENK says:

    What an incredibly insane day!

    And then, tomorrow…

  2. Lee Wilson says:

    Just added no loss of life.
    Mark are you a first responder by chance.
    And real quesrion..
    Do you guys really use a super computer to aid with weather for casting?
    Just curious.

    And what if all the technology broke..what or how would you predict the weathed?

  3. Boydo3 N. Albany says:

    Wondering if there ever was a tornado in Oregon bigger than an EF-2

    • longbeachrob says:

      I think the 1972 one in Vancouver was an EF3, but I don’t remember for sure. There is a picture on the Fox 12 Facebook page that list the number, date, and strength I think

  4. longbeachrob says:

    Yah, got me worried there for a bit when the cell phone, land line, etc… went off at 4:30 am with a tornado warning.

    got 2.83″ of rain yesterday (about 3 miles NNE of Long Beach WA)

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