Hurricane Matthew: Big Trouble For Florida

October 6, 2016

I generally don’t post about weather in other locations around the USA since it doesn’t affect us, plus I’m not an expert for other areas.  But Matthew is going to be a historic storm for Florida.

After many days of models gradually coming together on a path for the storm, this morning both the GFS and ECMWF are in perfect agreement.  The storm will be right over Cape Canaveral (yes, the Kennedy Space Center) at sunrise Friday AM.  Check out that monster on both models:




Several things to point out:

For one, the strongest wind stays over the water.  But also note the “weaker wind” still means gusts over 100 mph from just north of Miami all the way up the coastline.  That means what same wild wind we feel at Vista House in wintertime will be widespread across the entire eastern half of Florida and hit millions of people!  Even Orlando, a good hour inland by freeway, will see gusts in the 70+ mph range.  There is going to be widespread destruction from this storm.

For the latest from the National Hurricane Center you can go here through the entire event:

And this is the latest forecast track:


The NHC is the official source of information, all other information you find online begins with those folks.