3 Day Heatwave Ends Tonight

August 26, 2016

5pm Friday…

97 in Portland today, what a scorcher, especially for one of the last few days of August.  It was our 4th hottest temperature of the summer:


The numbers around town so far…


And for another day the heat made it to a good chunk of the Oregon Coast.


Quite impressive considering the flow was just barely offshore this time around.  That airflow is now turning to “onshore” which means air begins flowing from the ocean to inland areas.  Yes, that’s what we refer to as “nature’s air conditioning”.  Expect a huge drop in temps tomorrow as a result.  Down a good 10-15 degrees for most of us and a solid 20 degrees at the coastline (in spots that were hot today).

Our 90 degree day count for this season here in Portland is now above average (barely) at 14, of which 9 have been this month.


The 30 year average is 13 days (technically 12.9) at/above 90.  In the end, this summer, June-September, will end up being warmer than normal with about the average number of 90 degrees days, maybe another 1-3 coming in September…we’ll see.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen