Heat Wave #2 Later This Week

August 14, 2016

11pm Sunday…

It has been a hot and sometimes sweaty 4 days!   Check out the PDX numbers:



At McMinnville, Troutdale, and pretty much all of the Willamette Valley it has been 4 days at/above 90.  Whew…time for a cooldown.  Sure enough, we are finally getting drier air/lower dewpoints along with a weak marine push this evening.  That should drop the valley temperatures a good 8-10 degrees tomorrow keeping high temperatures below 90.

The bad news is that we have another heat wave on the way later this week.  This one is a little different because it’s brought on by a bit more of a “fall pattern”.  A cool shot of air drops into Montana; that’s high pressure to our east Thursday and Friday.  Then we get easterly wind over the Cascades and through the Gorge.  Not a strong wind like mid-fall but enough to push our temperatures way up.  Right now it looks to me that we’ll see high temps in the 95-100 degree range both Thursday/Friday.

So much for a “cool” summer (which wasn’t cool anyway); it appears August is going to end up very warm.  As of now we’ve seen 8 days at/above 90 in Portland, and we have at least 3-4 more.


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen