Cool Next Few Days, Then Warmer, Then Cooler

August 5, 2016

11pm Friday…

Quite a bit cooler out there this evening, I see it’s already down to 60 here at the FOX12 Studios.  A major marine push means some low clouds Saturday morning, but I think we’ll see tons of midday/afternoon sunshine.

Sunday through Tuesday a weak upper-level low drifts across Washington giving us June-like (or is it September-like?) weather for a few days.  Due to this we might see showers on the coast Sunday, especially up north:


Enjoy the cooler weather because the heat is on again late next week.  There is good model agreement on a warm-up Wednesday-Friday next week.  Ensemble model numbers from both GFS and ECMWF show 90 is likely again in P-Town for a day or two.  There is pretty good agreement not only on the warm-up but a rapid cooldown again around the 15th.  Check out the GFS ensembles…this shows temperature at around 5,000′ over Portland for the next 16 days:


Quite a roller-coaster look isn’t it?  At least no one can complain that we’ve been stuck in just one pattern this summer!  The ECMWF ensembles are similar, so my 12 Day Trend graphic looked like this tonight:


I use this most nights at 10:45pm to give a general look beyond the 7 Day forecast.

Enjoy your weekend!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen