A Soaking For Some This Weekend

9pm Sunday…

Not such a bad weekend in the metro area, definitely better than I expected.  At my home I had very little rain Saturday and Sunday.  Definitely some wet stuff on Friday though, especially early and again after dark.

Luckily some of the driest parts of our region DID get a soaking…very rare in mid July!


Today there was almost no shower activity, or at least very light showers in the metro area.  Yet somehow 3 cold-core funnels were spotted.  Remember these are not dangerous and just indicate some twisting or rolling of the air above.  If one develops well and touches the ground then that would be called a tornado.  I have not seen any pictures but the NWS did get those reports from Kalama, North Plains, & Canby.


This work week Monday-Friday appears to be mainly dry, but with temperatures remaining mainly below normal.  The one shower chance is Tuesday.  And the warmest days should be Wednesday/Thursday.

Models are showing another cool upper-level low dropping into the Pacific Northwest next weekend.  As of now, the moisture supply appears to be far more limited compared to what we’ve seen THIS weekend.  So I just put a chance of showers with cooler temperatures next weekend.  We’ll see how things develop the next few days.  IF YOU HAVE BIG OUTDOOR PLANS FOR THIS COMING WEEKEND pay close attention to the forecast.  But for now there is no reason to freak out…yet.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


20 Responses to A Soaking For Some This Weekend

  1. For me last summer was hot and dry (of course) but with two exceptionally rainy periods in August (over an inch both times; I ended August with nearly 3″ of rain total). That was due largely to luck: I happened to be in the track of some good, strong showers and thunderstorms more than once.

    Anyhow, I’m wondering if this summer might end up being the converse of last: mostly cool and showery, with two hot spells in August. My parents will be in town on the 14th (the day I had five thunderstorms last year), and they typically bring hot dry weather with them when they come.

    A totally unscientific forecast, of course, but I do think we’ll see at least some more hot weather this summer. Even the “bummer summer” of 1993 had a hot spell with 90+ temperatures.

  2. Joshua Downtown PDX says:

    July has been very comfortable so far. To those thinking it has been cool and wet, it really hasn’t been. .05″ above normal precipitation and 1 degree below normal for temperature. Warm nights are keeping the temperature anomaly from being greater. Next 90 degree day- July 24th, 2017.

    • Part of it is comparative. The past two summers have been so exceptionally warmer than average that even average seems cool by comparison.

    • runrain says:

      Looks like this coolish (average) weather will continue well into next week, so that July 24th 90 deg prediction could be a good call. I’m in on that! It would be nice to have SOME heat in late July/early August. A nice final touch for my tomato crop. Lots of ’em on the plants but they are struggling to get out of their green stage with the cooler weather.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed the warmer than average night temperatures as well, and except for the 9th, rainfall totals have been light for my place. Early August 1993, (1-5th) was very warm, otherwise the summer was coolish, September 1993 however was warm and very dry- so perhaps this September also? We’ll see…

    • Boydo3 N. Albany says:

      Yeah, tomatoes and peppers started off gang busters but have taken a leave of absence lately..
      On the other hand the Walla Walla sweets are ripening to perfection!

  3. JERAT416 says:

    At least we get a few nice warm days for some water fun this week! I’ll take this over 90+ degrees for sure but I would like mostly sunny and 80-ish a majority of the time. Yeah weekend wasn’t too bad at all, just a few showery times. Have a great week everyone!

  4. WEATHERDAN says:

    70 at 12:45 PM. Looking at 78 this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. Well this past weekend was a general forecast bust all around me thinks. Mark had the precip down pat. Generally less than .50 inches. We wound up with .45. A good amount but hardly record breaking. On Thursday Rod Hill trotted out a rainfall predictor map that had some places like Salem with 1.27 inches of rain from Friday-Monday. And one (unnamed) blogger predicted widespread 1-3 inches of rain in the valley. Snow was forecasted to fall as low as 6k feet. It got as low as 7.5k feet. Temps were the downfall of many including Mark. Many predicted highs from 64-69. Rod Hill even had a 62 for Saturday. Instead we had 76, 74, 71. So it was definitely not a hot dry weekend. It also wasn’t a gullywasher nor was it 15 degrees below normal. More like 5-10 degrees. I had an imaginary barbecue with some imaginary friends and drank some imaginary beer. Imagine that. Peace.

    • High Desert Mat says:

      Sounds like someone is trying to really convince themselves. Just pointing out the obvious. Alot of cherry pickin going on around here.

    • WEATHERDAN says:

      No cherry picking here Mat just cold hard facts. You really should try dealing with them sometime. Some on this blog like to make far out forecasts based on gibberish. Me I prefer reality. Even Mark stated on last nights broadcast that it was a busted forecast, but in a good way. Just once I would like to see you come up with a fact based forecast. Don’t tell me your feelings, but a real forecast. Because all I ever see from your and your crowd is a bunch of whining ridiculous statements. In the last few weeks I have seen on this blog predictions of lowland snow by October, snow enough to open ski resorts in September, 70 by August as hot, and no more 90,s until next July. Soon I suppose somebody will forecast 60 inches of snow in the valley and -20 for this Winter. I have not denied that we are in a cool patch right now. But I see no reason to give up on this Summer. But you go right on whining about my posts Mat. Because every time you do I know I gotcha. See you around sport. Peace.

    • High Desert Mat says:

      If my post is coming off whining to you, it looks like I really got you actually,,,,, sport.

  5. JJ78259 says:

    Toasty in San Antonio 99 to 100 degrees for the foreseeable future summer is here an the heat is on. Pool is feeling mighty fine!

  6. Garron 1/3 of a mile from Hillsboro Airport says:

    Mark, I’m going up to the international boat races and camping/jet skiing for 10 days starting (NEXT) weekend. Need to know what to pack for clothes, ect…Could you possible give me the forecast for Tri Cities from July 22-31st? Thanks! Kidding of course! It doesn’t look to be 100 + like normal,(so far) but low 80’s, I’m fine with that!

  7. A few sprinkles over the weekend here in the Seattle area but no real drenchings. Generally cloudy but enough sunbreaks to let things get above the 70-degree mark each day. Significantly warmer and drier than the midweek forecasts. I agree with Roland that this beats the persistent heat and dryness of July last year.

    • Thanks, Rubus. By the way your earlier remark about the summer of 1993 got my attention. That one featured the only July I’ve recorded that didn’t have at least one daily maximum of 80F or higher. It’s still only July 11, but it’s possible that if current conditions last to the 31st, we could get it again this year.

  8. 74F for a high here yesterday under mainly sunny skies. We had some light showers overnight, but nothing else of note. I don’t mind this weather- it’s better than heat and straight sun.

  9. Tyler Mode in Battle Ground says:

    Lakeview at 30 degrees this morning. K Falls at 38…


  10. Tyler Mode in Battle Ground says:

    0.64″ for me the last few days, a pretty good dousing for July. Nice to have a mid-summer wetting.

  11. Paul D says:

    No comments yet? Where is everybody?

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