A Soaking For Some This Weekend

July 10, 2016

9pm Sunday…

Not such a bad weekend in the metro area, definitely better than I expected.  At my home I had very little rain Saturday and Sunday.  Definitely some wet stuff on Friday though, especially early and again after dark.

Luckily some of the driest parts of our region DID get a soaking…very rare in mid July!


Today there was almost no shower activity, or at least very light showers in the metro area.  Yet somehow 3 cold-core funnels were spotted.  Remember these are not dangerous and just indicate some twisting or rolling of the air above.  If one develops well and touches the ground then that would be called a tornado.  I have not seen any pictures but the NWS did get those reports from Kalama, North Plains, & Canby.


This work week Monday-Friday appears to be mainly dry, but with temperatures remaining mainly below normal.  The one shower chance is Tuesday.  And the warmest days should be Wednesday/Thursday.

Models are showing another cool upper-level low dropping into the Pacific Northwest next weekend.  As of now, the moisture supply appears to be far more limited compared to what we’ve seen THIS weekend.  So I just put a chance of showers with cooler temperatures next weekend.  We’ll see how things develop the next few days.  IF YOU HAVE BIG OUTDOOR PLANS FOR THIS COMING WEEKEND pay close attention to the forecast.  But for now there is no reason to freak out…yet.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen