Vacation Time: The Nelsen’s Epic Southwest Trip

June 8, 2016

There are so many neat places to visit in our great country…too many to visit in a lifetime.  But over the next two weeks I’ll be joining my wife and two kids on a 3,000 mile road trip through parts of the Desert Southwest to see some of those sights.   It’ll take about 13 days and we’ll tour 4-5 national parks.  That includes:  Arches, Canyonlands, Great Sand Dunes, & Mesa Verde.  Possibly Zion briefly as well.  I’ve always wanted to see the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde and all the neat landforms in Arches/Canyonlands.  We’ve been to Great Sand Dunes in the past…in fact that was the last long trip in June 2012.  Read about that one at the link.  We’ll also get some pics at the Four Corners monument and drive through Monument Valley Utah and tour a slot canyon.

Here’s the route, heading southeast to Utah first.  Can you drive from Portland to Moab UT in one day?  I’ll let you know how it goes…



We’ll be traveling in a 4Runner towing a pop-up trailer…relatively spartan accommodations I think.  We’ll stay in 8 different campgrounds…it’s all been planned out.

Most likely no blog postings during this time, unless for some reason I have tons of time to post pics.  I’ll be back at work on Wednesday the 22nd.