100 Degrees, Warmest June Day in 8 Years!

Sunday 10pm…

PDX hit 100 degrees today, the 2nd earliest we’ve ever hit that number:


We of course broke the daily record, so did Hillsboro, Vancouver, & Troutdale.  As mentioned in the previous posting, we’ve only gone above 98 degrees once before the 3rd week of June.  As a result, today’s 100 degree reading is the 2nd earliest on record here.


Now if you’re worried this is a sign of the summer to come, don’t panic!  I’ve got two thoughts on that.  First, in just 11 of the past 20 summers we’ve hit 100 here in Portland.  So I’d give it a 50/50 chance that we hit it again; it’s possible you just lived through the warmest day of 2016!  Maybe, we hope…

This caps off a historic first weekend of June weatherwise.  4 records at PDX; two highs and two record warm lows.


Where do we go from here?  We are definitely getting a shallow marine push with cooler air surging into at least the westside of the Willamette Valley.  That will spread out and along with a slightly cooler atmosphere overhead means high temperatures should be right around 90 degrees Monday in the metro area.  A little more cooling is likely Tuesday, but high temps still remain well into the 80s.

Beginning Wednesday things go back to normal with more cloud cover and temperatures well down into the 70s.

Hate the hot weather?  There is good news for you.  All models are in great agreement that we are headed into a cooler than normal pattern starting late this week with showers at times.  Check out the GFS model ensemble temperatures for the next two weeks.


Ensemble means many different versions of the same model, so confidence is pretty high with this.  It appears much of the rest of June may not look at all like this first week.  The ECMWF model is almost exactly the same.  Two more very warm days and then normal to maybe a little below normal.

For the Junior Parade Wednesday afternoon, at this point it appears dry.  Comfortable temperatures too!


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


75 Responses to 100 Degrees, Warmest June Day in 8 Years!

  1. My alter ego says:

    So is there an end to this cool spell. Yes it looks like we slowly work our way out next week and get up around 80 by the 22nd. But no heat wave in sight. Right now 72 and mostly sunny.

    • Joshua Downtown PDX says:

      Meanwhile, that 7 day forecast is dead sexy, Mark. I hope we get some decent rainfall accumulation before the real dry season is upon us.

    • Boydo3 N. Albany says:

      Hopefully not so sexy that the majorettes are marching in wet tee shirts at Saturday’s parade!

  2. Laura -- Weather Group Outcast says:

    Woo.. Tornado warning in eastern oregon.. I hope we get to see some pictures!

  3. “Real” June weather has arrived here. We had some light showers move over us in the past hour. temperature is down to the upper 60’s.

  4. Jason Hougak says:

    Hasta la vista heat wave… snow level down to 4500′ Saturday! Seems really low for June but could be possible. Timberline could get some accumulation.

  5. Paul D says:

    Finally some June weather in June! Get lost, August!

  6. DBurnett says:

    Went for a walk Sunday in St Helens. I walked to the public docks behind the courthouse and was amazed by the apparent drop in temperature. The air near the river’s surface felt at least ten to fifteen degrees cooler than in the parking lot a few hundred feet away. I know where I will be during the next heatwave.

  7. Marine cloud layer really moved in this afternoon. Will probably not cool off as much as it did last night. That 51 overnight was on a thermometer right next to the house (and an open screen door), almost certainly was upper 40s away from the house.

  8. W7ENK says:

    Alright, it’s officially crossed the line beyond annoying.

    Dan, pick one and stick with it, or GTFO!

    I vote Mark enforce Rule #2. All those in favor?

    • Has he posted under any other than “My alter ego” in recent days (honest question, I haven’t noticed any such posts)?

      If he sticks to that handle I don’t see a problem. If he is actively using multiple ones then that behavior should be ended.

    • DBurnett says:

      I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but unless his alternate names are meant to insult or annoy other users, I see nothing wrong with his behavior and don’t find it annoying at all.

    • It doesn’t matter what they’re “meant to” do. Using multiple handles is contrary to Mark’s plainly stated Rule No. 2. If Dan is unwilling to abide by the forum rules, he should take his comments elsewhere.

    • Mark Nelsen says:

      Yes, please stick to one name Dan. Doesn’t matter which one though. I’ve never liked people posting under different names. Note rule #2

  9. Dizzyland says:

    Don’t go south of Portland unless you absolutely have to. The airmass is ugly right now and hot. 😦

    Not sure if the sky is icky up north but down here in Salem it sure is bad and the air stagnant. Can’t wait for some light showers to clear the gunk out?

  10. T09 - Happy Valley says:

    Light shower over Happy Valley. Interesting surprise. Didn’t expect any moisture today.

  11. My alter ego says:

    90 so far today. Cooler over the next week or so. 68-76 with some showers. Not my cup of tea but we do get about 1.5 inches of rain in an average June. Last year was an exception. When all is said and done I expect June to be above normal but not record warmth. Still all indications are for a warmer and drier than normal Summer. Just not record warmth like 2014 and 2015. More like 2013 which was a very warm Summer. As for next Winter. Well it is what it is. If we get a snowstorm or two I will enjoy the beauty of it. As for being wet well we just went through the wettest Winter ever so it will probably be drier than last Winter. Peace.

    • Chris s says:

      What indications are those Danny boy???? lol let’s see where we are at come September. Me thinks this summer will be on the avg side, but I know that doesn’t fit into your Phoenix comfort factor. I can’t wait to hear you whine this upcoming winter about how it’s too cold, too wet, blah blah blah.

  12. marinersfan85 says:

    Shower popped up just west of keizer

  13. Longview 400 ft says:

    Interesting cloud formations west of Longview. High in the atmosphere as well.
    Mark, any thoughts?
    Formations of the thunderstorm type.

  14. BT says:

    it sure seems like we r heading into a long cool and wet period, could this be the start of a cool and wet rest of summer? Mark do you see this summer being cool and wet? of hot and dry?

    • Odds don’t favor that. Long-term outlooks all show a warmer than normal summer for us. However, last summer was so extraordinarily warm that odds are this one will be significantly cooler than last (while still being warmer than normal).

  15. runrain says:

    Interesting: a stray shower has popped up over the ocean west of Tillamook, moving northeast. Strange place to see that happening!

  16. My alter ego says:

    83 already. Might reach 90 again today. Was 94 on Monday. Next week looks to be 68-76 then a slow warm up to 71-79. No big heat in sight. Just typical June weather. I would expect a few 80,s after about mid June but probably not above the mid 80,s until the last week of the month. This is fine with me as long as we don’t have a lot of cool showery days which I think is unlikely at this point. Peace.

    • Chris s says:

      Yes, we wouldn’t want you to whine anymore if we had a few negative departure days. Your endless warm bias drivel gets so old. I’m sure you will be whining this winter if we have some high temps that go below avg, I mean after all you tell all the rest of us how you love it when it’s 20+ degrees above avg. So no complaining. And I really hope it’s a cold snowy and rainy winter😊

    • My alter ego says:

      Shove it little Chrissie.

    • pappoose in scappoose says:

      Error, ego.

      Shove it little Chrissie. Peace.

    • . says:

      I hope it stays below normal the rest of the summer.

  17. Boring Oregon says:

    I just saw a comment on a previous post
    that was saying how we can be 100 degrees, 30 above average, and we will never be 30 below it. Well, you’re right. Since the days are longer right now, of course it’s going to favor the warm side. Now lets look at the flip side. In December or January when we have highs in the 20s, it’s about 20-25 degrees below average. Would it be 60-70 degrees that time of year? No. So it all balances itself out.

    • Dizzyland says:

      Strangely the foothills/mountains can be that way under such conditions (60-70 degrees) and let’s not forget our favorite hot-spot Brookings!

    • Joshua Downtown PDX says:

      Boring, to your point, I did some research and came up with the following:

      Portland’s greatest anomaly ever compared to average for the daily high maximum temperature occurred on May 28, 1983. The high was 100 that day when the average is 70. A 30 degree anomaly. This past Saturday, June 5, 2016, had a 29 degree anomaly. 2nd highest ever. 100 degree high compared to 71 degree average.

      On the flip side, the greatest anomaly for the daily low maximum temperature occurred on January 31, 1995. The high temperature that day was 16 compared to an average of 49. A remarkable 33 degree anomaly.

    • Joshua Downtown PDX says:

      Edit… our 29 degree anomaly was this past Sunday, June 5th, not Saturday. The record anomaly for daily low maximum temperature was on January 31, 1950, not 1995. 1950 looks like it had an epic January.

    • W7ENK says:

      I was gonna say: It hasn’t been that cold on my birthday since I’ve been alive. Portland has only had two sub-freezing highs on that date since I was born, and those were back-to-back in 1979 and 1980.

      And I immediately knew 1995 was wrong, because that was the warmest birthday I’ve had to date. I walked home from school that day in shorts and a t-shirt. Definitely warmer than just 19 degrees that day!

      Records for 31 January at PDX

      1979 — 32 / 19
      1980 — 30 / 27
      1981 — 46 / 34
      1982 — 50 / 42
      1983 — 53 / 37
      1984 — 54 / 30
      1985 — 42 / 34
      1986 — 52 / 36
      1987 — 55 / 39
      1988 — 37 / 32
      1989 — 50 / 35
      1990 — 42 / 37
      1991 — 45 / 36
      1992 — 57 / 51
      1993 — 52 / 34
      1994 — 53 / 28
      1995 — 61 / 53
      1996 — 37 / 18
      1997 — 53 / 43
      1998 — 54 / 39
      1999 — 48 / 39
      2000 — 43 / 33
      2001 — 50 / 34
      2002 — 44 / 39
      2003 — 59 / 46
      2004 — 46 / 37
      2005 — 53 / 36
      2006 — 48 / 40
      2007 — 48 / 31
      2008 — 47 / 40
      2009 — 44 / 33
      2010 — 52 / 39
      2011 — 44 / 36
      2012 — 52 / 41
      2013 — 52 / 43
      2014 — 48 / 41
      2015 — 48 / 31
      2016 — 44 / 39

  18. Anonymous says:

    Cooled off most impressively last night. Low of 51, now 55 and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Forecast high is still 10+ degrees above normal, but that’s a much more reasonable upper 70s. Probably will end up being the nicest day of the week.

  19. MJ says:

    I think most stations were pretty accurate Saturday with how breezy it was. Basically acted as an aspirator for sensors that have issues lacking needed air flow. Otherwise some would have read too high 😉

  20. MasterNate says:

    So looking forward to the pattern change! I hope it sticks around until Fall.

  21. runrain says:

    Yesterday’s 100 looks a bit suspicious to me. It looks like we peaked at 99, then the temp started dropping, and THEN a bit later in the evening the 100 was posted. Check out the 3 day history on the NWS site. Did we just hit 99.3 or 99.4 and the NWS just said, hey, we’re close enough. Let’s just call it 100. A major conspiracy? Politics slipping into the NWS?? The suspense is palpable!!

    • JohnD says:

      From “Physical Science 101” taken back in–uh–I forget…
      99.4’=99′; 99.5>=100′!

    • umpire says:

      Wasn’t the 100 downtown? 99 at the airport. Too dang hot no matter the precise number.

    • I’m inclined to believe it. I’ve noticed in the last 4 days, maximum temperatures peaking around 6pm. My high of 85F yesterday was at 6:04 pm.

    • W7ENK says:

      You’re seeing the difference between the hourly obs and the incidental temperature — whiich would be the actual high temperature that was recorded between the hourly. That gets posted somewhere between 6 and 8pm, generally after the peak heating for the day.

      Mark can explain it better.

    • Paul D says:

      So it sounds to me like that web page is posting the temperature once an hour and that moment, not the maximum temperature during the last hour. Later in the day they post the maximum temperature.

      Since it is government run, I can see why it is confusing and IMO, almost worthless.

      I want to see the highest temperature for the day at any time during the day – not what the temperature is every hour. Does the high temperature happen on the hour? No. So their way of reporting the temperature is nearly worthless to me (leave it to the government).

      Is there a web site out there that will show the official PDX temperature real time, and what the high so far for the day is?

    • runrain says:

      The do post the highest temps within every 6 hr, 12 hr and 24 hr period. Those numbers are in the right hand side of the data. My contention is even those numbers didn’t show the 100 until quite a bit later. On top of that, the NWS will break from the hourly pattern to show an unusual temp or precip amount. In fact, when it hit 99, they showed it at 4:53 pm and again at 4:55 pm, but no 100!

    • Paul D says:

      After staring at that web page for a bit more, I think they should change the “6 hr max temp” column to “1 hr max temp”. The way it is now, we didn’t know that PDX hit 100 on June 5 until 10:53pm.

  22. My alter ego says:

    92 and mostly sunny at 3:00 PM. There are some thunderhead clouds North of Salem. Interesting to see such clouds with low humidity and fairly low dp. Valley might see an trw this evening. Still a nice night for a walk. Peace.

  23. My alter ego says:

    Already 85 at Noon. On it’s way to 94. This is almost as warm as yesterday. Cooler over the next week or so. Mainly in the low to mid 70,s. Just about normal although Friday may stay in the upper 60,s with some showers. I would imagine no more extreme heat this month or at least until after the 20th, but who knows. I don’t foresee a washout event either. Maybe an inch or so over the next week to 10 days. Which again is just about normal for the month of June. Peace.

    • Anonymous says:

      90 at 2:00 PM. North winds at 20 with humidity down to 23%. This is now officially our first heat wave of 2016 as today is our 3rd consecutive day over 90. Today is a dry heat with a nice breeze. Last year at this point we had 12 days of at least 80. Today is number 20. Still think this year will not be as warm as last year but still warm. Only time will tell. Peace.

    • My alter ego says:

      Now this is spooky. A post that I sent out as My alter ego came out as anonymous. How could this happen? I didn’t think you could post without giving a name. Fascinating. Peace.

    • Make sure you’re logged on. I’ve accidentally posted as anonymous before, too. Such posts are not completely disallowed, but I believe Mark does have to moderate and approve each one (which causes delays).

  24. runrain says:

    Interesting that the coast is completely devoid of low clouds. I thought they were supposed to quite prevalent for the next few days.

    • runrain says:

      And yet, the FOX12 beach cam shows completely overcast skies. Hmmm….

    • Aleta-West Gresham says:

      I can tell you Garlibaldi was completely clear at 11 when I left for home. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend on the coast!

    • Mark Nelsen says:

      The VAST library of links you included with that comment hung it up in the MODERATE box. Wow

    • W7ENK says:

      Just 6 links, one for each station. I think WordPress automatically moderates anything with more than 3 links to prevent potential spam, but I knew you’d kick it through. I don’t know why the “link off” switch didn’t work though… HTML fail. 😆

  25. I had a high of 91F here yesterday, which is as hot as it usually gets in a year for my neighbourhood. If that’s the warmest it’ll be for 2016, I’ll take it and look forward to the cooler temperatures.

    • Anonymous says:

      Winds were already starting to stir on the island on my morning ride to the ferry, so I expect today will be significantly cooler for me. I’m hoping this summer will be a return to highs for me maxing out in the upper 80s. Yesterday’s 86 was actually a degree cooler for me than the late April (I think) heat wave that saw an 87-degree high. (It’s all about the local sea breezes or lack thereof when it comes to summer heat for me.)

  26. Paul D says:

    We may not hit 100 again this summer, but how many times will we hit 90+? Too many…..

  27. Paul D says:

    Someone please tell me where they go to see the official PDX temperature, because the web page I was looking at yesterday sucks:



  28. Looks like we are headed for a cooler, somewhat wetter regime the next few weeks.

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