Warmest Spring On Record So Far; Early Berries On The Way!

May 10, 2016

10pm Tuesday…

The weather has been VERY slow lately with not much to talk about.  Just warm and dry.   First let’s talk about the warm part.  As of May 10th (today), we are experiencing the warmest spring on record here in Portland.


Yes I realize we are only 1/3 of the way through May, but looking at high temperatures between 80-90 the next 3 days, it appears even at the halfway point we’ll still have the warmest month on record.  We ran a story tonight about one big benefit…the strawberry season is about to begin!  The berry farmers out in Boring said this is the earliest they’ve ever started harvesting; even more so than last year.


No, not those hard, huge, half-yellow things from California.  Yes, I’m talking about the juicy local berries that melt in your mouth.  I made enough money picking strawberries as a 13 year old kid near Silverton to buy my first bicycle so I have an emotional attachment to those little red guys!  Of course that means they will be gone much earlier than normal too.  The same thing will happen with raspberries, blackberries, & blueberries too assuming there isn’t so sort of drastic change to unusually cold in the next few weeks.  Of course this IS the culmination of 26 months of unusually warm weather as mentioned in previous postings:


As for rain, it is getting very dry out there.  I was just working in the yard today.  While weeding (surprise!) blueberries & raspberries I noticed it’s as dry as late June in the ground.  We’ve had less than 1″ of rain in the past 3 weeks!  So we could use a big soaker, but as of this evening I don’t see a pattern change that would give us that soaking.  Yes, the models are all turning cooler/showery starting Saturday.  But they keep backing off on precipitation chances.  Four model forecasts of 10 day rain in Portland:


Not real encouraging, but the general pattern is definitely cooler Saturday through next week.  Take a look at the GFS meteogram


And the GFS ensembles for the next 15 days showing anomaly…warm the next few days then near normal beyond:


Alright, enjoy those early berries!