Crazy Coastal Heat Today

10pm Sunday…

80s at every single weather station along the north/central Oregon coast today…plus a few spots touched 90.  That is incredible for April.

In fact it appears Florence’s high of 91 was only a little below the hottest places in California today.


Crazy stuff, here in the valleys we stopped in the low to mid 80s.  With a slightly warmer atmosphere tomorrow, a warmer start, and a little less wind, we should see mid-upper 80s in the valleys Monday.

The models have gradually been holding  the weak offshore flow more into Tuesday so our temperature forecasts have gradually been rising.  As a result, mid-upper 80s will still around Tuesday as well.

Beyond that, more typical warm-ish April weather Wednesday-Friday, then back to cooler/showery for at least a few days.

As of this evening, April 2016 is the warmest on record in Portland, it’ll be interesting if we hold onto that record over the next 12 days.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

21 Responses to Crazy Coastal Heat Today

  1. Paul D says:

    Wednesday was 70, now it’s 80+?!? Please stop the madness….

  2. My maximum today will most likely be 85.0F That’s a record for warmest in April for me, and I’m north of Seattle. Never thought it see it this warm before May!

    • Joshua Downtown PDX says:

      Quite impressive.

    • Unbelievably warm riding through the streets of downtown Seattle to the ferry this evening. Wouldn’t be surprised if it broke the 80-degree mark at my place today. Given how much I tend to be affected by sea breezes, that’s truly impressive.

    • rubusleucodermis says:

      87 here for a high. Wow. I believe that’s as warm as it got all summer in 2012.

  3. Joshua Downtown PDX says:

    Seattle is already at 86. This has to be crushing their old record. I’m predicting a high of 118 for PDX on 7/19.

    • EY (Oak Grove) says:

      Pah! Seattle likes to do that… “Hey, let’s have an even warmer high temperature in high heat patterns than Portland, neener neener neener we’re Seattle!”

    • EY (Oak Grove) says:

      Seattle peaked out at 89 with a west wind. Just insane.

  4. EY (Oak Grove) says:

    Phoenix, Arizona is an underachiever right now…

    Phoenix: 81 as of 1:51pm.
    Portland: 85 as of 1:53pm

    Something seems insanely wrong when Portland is only 8 degrees cooler than Furnace Creek, Death Valley.

  5. 78F here at noon, but just 65F at the YVR “official station”. So it’s already my warmest day of the year, and all it needs is 4 more degrees to be the hottest day in April in my record books.

  6. oldwxwatcher says:

    An overnight low of 67.1° here in East Portland with the east winds blowing all night. Crazy April.

  7. naomilanasa says:

    Florence was amazing yesterday, unreal! I was actually looking for shade in April =)

  8. rubusleucodermis says:

    73 here yesterday, but significantly warmer in the Quilcene area where I was hiking (terrain keeps the sea breezes away from that area). SeaTac recorded a max of 80 yesterday.

  9. Marc (Hockinson, WA) says:

    PDX sitting at 52° for a low

  10. Jack says:

    When is this stupid wind going to end? Will this be the last big wind event until late fall?

    • Paul D says:

      This is the new normal. Wind when you least expect it. Heat when it shouldn’t be. Lack of rain when it’s spring… and on and on….

  11. windows open wide
    warm night air invades april
    kinda confusing

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