No Record Today; Much Warmer Thursday

10pm Wednesday…

Temperatures maxed out “only” in the mid 70s in the metro area today.  We jumped 13 degrees from yesterday.  But we did not break a record and I was 6 degrees short…BUST


We had two things going against us today (Mark’s list of excuses ahead…).  First, some thin high clouds a good chunk of the day; you can subtract a couple degrees for that.  Then we barely broke the inversion by late afternoon.  A very chilly start with temps in the 30s was hard to overcome.  The potential was there for an 80 degree day if the air was more thoroughly mixed.  Many locations in the foothills of the Cascades were as warm or warmer than us.  Detroit Lake was 79 at 1,600′ for example.    We had a light northerly flow and definitely no easterly offshore flow (that part was expected).


We did break 2 new April records with the Salem sounding this evening:

  1. 500mb height was 585 dm, the highest 500mb height we have seen on any April day except possibly the 30th (or maybe May 1st, can’t quite see on the chart).
  2. 850mb temp = 18.2 degC, the highest we have ever seen in the first 3 weeks of April!

So yes, the potential is there for record-breaking warm temperatures.  The last piece missing is the offshore flow, and that has begun this evening as models have forecast.  Crown Point is gusting to around 40 mph.  The Troutdale profiler shows the warming late this afternoon and continuing into the evening (latest is left side of chart).  Note the wind is northeast now all the way down to the surface as opposed to the northwest wind all day long:


During the daylight hours tomorrow we’ll have easterly wind blowing all through the metro area.  Hopefully not TOO much to keep the high temperatures down at PDX though.  Hate to see another high temp forecast bust!

This should maximize our heating potential so I would expect a 10-12 degree rise in highs in the metro area Thursday.  That means mid 80s are still on tap.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


8 Responses to No Record Today; Much Warmer Thursday

  1. I still have an issue with NWS’s use of normal vs. average. If we had a completely “normal” weather year according to the NWS PDX would never exceed 82f, never dip below 35f and would receive some amount of rain every day. Miserable yes but no rational person could call that normal. Yes, today will most likely qualify as exceptional but every day in April has a record high above 76 with most in the 80’s. Normal represents a range not a specific number.

  2. MJ says:

    Looks like Mark’s mid 80’s forecast looks spot on for today. Already in the upper 60’s in most areas of Portland. All it took was some east wind to accelerate things.

  3. Top of Mary’s Peak at 4137ft was between 63-65f all night long.

  4. donaleen says:

    Who wants a record high? Not me. Not my garden. Not your garden.

  5. Paul D says:

    I like it when the hot forecasts don’t pan out. Hopefully today will be a BUST too! 80+ is waaayy too much in April.

  6. runrain says:

    61 deg this morning in Happy Valley! Quite a change from 38 yesterday. Maybe 90 today?? Ha ha!

  7. Aleta-West Greaham says:

    It was perfect today! Unless a fence gets fixed ASAP from a car crashing through it tonight, kids at Davis Elementry may have to do indoor recess on the nicest day of the year!

  8. Sure is weird to be talking about a 74-degree inversion (with +19C at 850mb) in April; this sounds more like early/mid October stuff. But there it is….

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