Best Ski/Snow Conditions Since Christmas!

March 14, 2016

This was an El Nino winter, which true to form, was full of mild days and relatively uneventful weather once we moved past the first few days of January.  Last fall I mentioned that no El Nino winter since 1970 has produced an above-normal snowfall winter and so far that is still the case.  Government Camp seasonal snow is still well below normal, even with today’s snow.  The only way it would end up normal is if 120″ fell between now and May.  Pretty unlikely unless it’s going to be a VERY ugly late March/April in the lowlands!


But far better than last year eh?  Once you go higher on the mountain things are more what we’d see in a typical March.  Notice Mt. Hood Meadows has just about reached their average yearly total…it’s been a wet season!


That said, look at the storm totals so far…these are numbers since Saturday morning.


Wow, we haven’t seen this since early December!  And this time we have a nice deep base to start so even better reason to take those jumps now…

By the way, this could be a preview of next season.  We assume next year will be either neutral or a La Nina winter.  If we have a La Nina that’s great for skiing: lower elevation snow more often, heavier totals in general, and more periods of powdery snow.

I expect snow showers to taper off tomorrow evening and then a few days of dry weather commences.  Should be some real spring conditions Thursday and Friday.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen