March Comes In Like A Lion: Peak Gusts

March 1, 2016

3pm Tuesday…

It wasn’t exactly a windstorm, but that cold front sure brought strong gusts to the Willamette Valley!  More of a blustery March day I suppose?  Maybe it seems different because it’s so much brighter this time of year.

Most of these gusts (not all) occurred as the cold front passed through between noon and 1pm.  The PDX gust was the highest since the windstorm on December 21st.  I should have said some gusts 40-50 mph instead of sticking with the 30-40 mph.  Power outages were relatively minimal for a wind event in the metro area.  PGE only peaked around 5,000.  We generally see 30,000 or more for even a weak windstorm.  Possibly the strong gusts only surfaced in a few spots?