Warmest February On Record…So Far

As of 5pm Monday we haven’t seen the temperature even get DOWN TO OUR NORMAL HIGH since early Sunday morning!  That’s right, even last night it was warmer than what we would typically see in the afternoon.  Feels like spring is trying to move in and we hit 61 today, our 5th 60 degree day this month.  Take a look at the numbers for the past 12 days here in Portland:


As a result, the average temperature for February 2016 is now slightly warmer than February 2015, which is the warmest on record in Portland.  That’s warm!  Will it remain that way the 2nd half of the month?


In general the pattern remains quite warm, so if we don’t stay at record levels we’ll most likely be close in the end.

More later as winter ends…

6 Responses to Warmest February On Record…So Far

  1. Mark says:

    It was 5 degree Celsius warmer in Roman times than it is now. We didn’t die off. So what is 0.7 degree warmer going to do over one hundred years? The climate has always changed. Most people in the north, during winter, like to go to warmer climate for vacation.

  2. Boydo3 N. Albany says:

    Slush in the ski areas and 65 deg down in this part of the valley today. But unlike last year, less fog in the valleys and an average snow pack in the mtns. (so far)

  3. Jason Hougak says:

    NWS national map for the east coast looks nice and colorful with all the winter warnings and advisories. I just a tad snow envy. Winter 16-17 strong La Niña!

  4. pappoose in scappoose says:

  5. Jason Hougak says:

    Seems like every month we are breaking records. I’d love to start breaking those in the snow department and not just in the high country.

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