Snow In The Hills

December 23, 2015

8am Wednesday…

Lots of heavy showers moving through this morning.  I woke up to about 1/4″ snow here at 1,000′ and it’s been going back and forth between sticking and then melting in lighter showers.  A friend up the road has 3″ at 1,800′.  We never saw this pattern last winter and rarely saw it the winter before; cold showers streaming inland.  It’s like the good ‘ol days have returned.  At least for now.  Check out the Troutdale radar estimate of snow level this morning…right around 1,500’.  I think it’s a temporary radar installed for a big Columbia River Gorge and Basin wind power research project.


The same cold/showery pattern continues through Thursday afternoon, then we pretty much dry out through at least the first part of Sunday.  Looks to me that snow levels will be SLIGHTLY lower for Thursday morning, so probably a more widespread dusting down to 1,000.  BUT I DON’T SEE IT LOW ENOUGH TO AFFECT TRAVEL IN THE METRO AREA.  IT’S MAINLY A “CONVERSATIONAL SNOW”.  That means it looks nice with green trees all frosted and you chat with friends about it, but you can still go about your daily lives.

Looks like a dramatic pattern change to splitty/much drier after Christmas Eve.  That may (or may not) be the usual slowdown in weather we see in El Nino years.

The main message for skiers is…get the good powder now because this COULD be the best snow of the season!

I’m still on vacation through Christmas Day, but you know that “relaxing” for me is looking at weather maps, eating, sleeping etc…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen